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Voojew Club: TCU RFC Rating: 5 stars.
Fort Worth, TX   Wednesday, March 26, 2003 9:04:50 PM CST
I met some of you Rugby guys March 15th at Sherlock`s in Houston (after your tournament in The Woodlands). You all were the nicest and most respectable group of guys I have met in a long time! Good Luck this season!

Sharla Grayson <> Club: N/A Rating: 5 stars.
The Woodlands, TX USA   Tuesday, March 25, 2003 8:17:32 PM CST
Sazer <> Rating: 5 stars.
  Thursday, March 13, 2003 8:09:05 AM CST
Mitch <> Rating: 5 stars.
  Thursday, March 13, 2003 8:08:57 AM CST
Great site and a good forum to get your events out. Good luck and peace!
Samantha Williams <> Club: none Rating: 5 stars.
USA, none USA   Saturday, February 15, 2003 5:48:55 AM CST
Great Design and useful information. I will be back soon!
Samantha Williams <> Club: none Rating: 5 stars.
USA, none USA   Friday, February 14, 2003 12:52:34 AM CST
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Yahoo store design Club: Rating: 5 stars.
LIBERTYVILLE, IL USA   Thursday, February 06, 2003 6:20:43 AM CST
just came across a card I`d been given after the cowtown v cardiff saracens game in Nov 1999, I played in that game and also had a great night back at the club with you boys, nice to see the photos of the match and the egg eating competition. All the best Theo
theo cuschieri <> Club: cardiff saracens Rating: 5 stars.
cardiff, wales   Sunday, January 19, 2003 1:34:04 PM CST
I was just checking out the site. Bang-up job on everything, keep it up, like sending your guys up to help our college team.
Austin Jeffries <> Club: WSCRugby, Nebraska Rating: 5 stars.
Wayne, NE USA   Wednesday, November 13, 2002 4:04:44 PM CST
Are there any Cowtown NTS alumns out there making plans for 2003 in Australia? In 1999 we turned the Brits upsidedown. Just think what the alreay-upsidedown Aussies will think of us. I`m going one way or another but would love to tour with y`all again Kimber
Jeff Kimber <kimberprop> Club: Morris RFC (formerly Woodlands) Rating: 5 stars.
Madison, NJ USA (for now)   Friday, November 08, 2002 10:04:21 PM CST
Regarding Bali and ruggers.

I am in touch with some Aussie ruggers and some trusts are being organized to assist the victims of the Bali bomb. In my mind, I see it as similar if a bomb went off during our Cowtown Tourney pub crawl, wiping out 2/3 of the participants.

I am sure all are aware that ruggers were the largest contigent of Australians maimed or killed at the bomb site.

Please email me if you are a fellow rugger wanting to help out and I will forward the information I am getting from various clubs in Australia:

Mac <> Club: FWRFC Rating: 5 stars.
FW, TX   Friday, November 01, 2002 1:03:54 AM CST
I know many ruggers from many places check in on this website. Please read the following in regards to the tragedy our brother ruggers from SE Asia have suffered in Bali. As all of you know, the Sari Club was the main place for ruggers finishing a popular 10s tournie and also many ruggers from Australia would go to Bali to celebrate their end of season. The results have been catastrophic for many Austrlian communities with rugby as the center, and for many clubs from Hong Kong to Taiwan to Singapore to Australia/New Zealand. A rugger from Austrlia sent me the following emails regarding fund raising. I will post more as I receive them:

"We are also waiting for further information on this charity that is being set up. Will advise more when I get further info: (A copy and paste below and cc`d to the ISCi club whom may contact you directly for donations)

The family of the young guy from ISCI, Robert Thwaites, have set up the foundation/ trust for the orphaned Balinese children. His brother Ben used to play
colts at the Breakers with some of the Colleagues Boys. They own a construction company in Indonesia and are going to build accommodation in Bali for the orphans apparently. I don`t actually have details of the trust yet but can
make a few calls once things settle down a little. Do you have any email contact details from any of the ISCI guys - they might know rather than
contacting the family directly."


"Dear All

To follow up on Jay`s note I would like to thank everyone for the support you have shown towards Lis and and Neil`s family in difficult circumstances.

I would like to focus on what we can do now for Lis and Neil`s family. As some of you are aware the Singapore Cricket Club has been raising money for those families affected by the tragedy and The Economist are also aiding in some way.
We would like to raise a fund for Lis and also contribute to the cost of the funeral service. I would therefore like to appeal to you for donations for this cause. The donations will be collected by the Typhoons Rugby Club which is a charity organisation registered with the Hong Kong Police and the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union. Deposits can be made directly to the club`s HSBC A/C 593-178809-001 or crossed cheques can be made to "Hong Kong Former Pupils Rugby Football Club" and sent to me at the following address:
6F Sea Horse Lane
Discovery Bay
Hong Kong

Receipts will be sent out for tax purposes please email me with the amount and your address.

For Typhoon players subs this year will be $1000, to be used primarily for Neil`s fund. A receipt for tax purposes will be issued for the entire amount of the payment. In addition, and to follow up on James Bell`s idea we will also work out the best system to be able to transfer air miles to an account for Liz. We are also having a Neil Bowler trophy made in his honour which will be presented to the player of the season this year and the years to come.
I would like to also ask you to forward this email to people that are not on the above list, with a copy to me.

Thanks & Regards

Martin Gray
Club Treasurer
Typhoons Rugby Club "

....many in the press are comparing the Bali event to being an Australia 9/11, while the desrie to neatly label thing sin sond bites can be annoying, for rugby this certainly was true. The WTC was the working place for many Old Blues, NYAC, and other NYC area rugby clubs. Many firemen and rescue workers were ruggers. It seems the same enemy with the same weapons has once again hit ruggers.

Mac Robertson Club: Fort Worth Rating: 5 stars.
Fort Worth, TX   Friday, October 25, 2002 6:33:19 AM CST
To all rugby fans in the U.S. Fox Sports is conducting a survey on their web site. It is essential to the continued coverage of rugby on Fox Sports World that you fill out this survey.
Click Here -

Webmaster <> Club: Fort Worth RFC Rating: 5 stars.
Fort Worth, TX USA   Thursday, October 17, 2002 5:08:02 PM CST
Hey guys Ive just been looking at your site, and must say Im impressed. Im a keen rugby fan and player, I currentl play for my hometown team Chorley, and support Harlequins. When i finish Universit this year I am moving over to Texas to be with my wife, so I was wondering if you knew of any local teams in the Houston area which I could contact so i can keep playing. Great site and many thanks Stuart McLaughlin.
Stuart <> Club: Chorley Rating: 5 stars.
Preston, England   Tuesday, October 15, 2002 10:10:08 AM CST
Fort Worth RFC, Good work and a good showing at another successful Cowtown Town Tournament. Keep it up.
Joe DeFina Club: STRR Rating: 5 stars.
  Monday, October 14, 2002 8:03:33 AM CST

My Dear Rugby Friends,

Members of RFC Krusevac are very happy to invite your side to take part in 3rd International Rugby Sevens Tournament KRUSEVAC 2003 that will be held on June 21.&22.2003.
All show-up sides will enjoy this opportunity to get to know our town and its places of interest, apart from playing in this very unique Rugby Festival.
The Tournament will consist of 3 levels:
- SENIORS ( clubs and national selections),
- JUNIORS (U19),
- VETERANS (over 35 years)

Participation fee is 100 Euro per side for Seniors, 80 Euro per side for U19 and Veterans.
Every team (10 Players, Coach, Manager) will receive silverware or plaquet and every player T-shirts.
We can offer a few options for accommodations:
- Hotel Rubin (3 stars) in Krusevac downtown with prices to 25-30 Euro per person/day
- Private hotel
- Student hostel (2 beds room, TV, shower) , 17 Euro per person/day with 3 meals,
- Camping in own tents

We recommend arrival in Friday afternoon.
Trophy holders so far:
2001 - RC POBEDNIK Belgrade, Bulgaria, RC Partizan
2002 - INTERNATIONALS RFC (Fiji&England), RC Dorcol, Belgian 7s Barbarians

For further details navigate around our Official website
or contact me on e-mail: &

Yours sincerely

Slavisa Milenkovic
Tournament Manager
Phone: +381.37.636216 , +381.64.8125042 (mobil)
Fax: +381.37.442588

Slavisa <> Club: RFC Krusevac Rating: 4 stars.
Krusevac, Serbia Yugoslavia   Saturday, September 28, 2002 1:48:10 AM CST

Tell me, do you need help down in Texas, too? Since I figure I must refrain the girls from kicking the crap out of you up here, I should make some effort to stop the boys from doing the same down there? At least have them stop making fun of you...and by the description, they must know our females well!

South Side Rugger <> Club: Wayne State Ruggby Rating: 5 stars.
Norfolk, NE USA   Tuesday, September 17, 2002 3:39:12 PM CST
I was thinking when I woke up this morning " gee I wish I could just send $200 dollars to Bangladesh and have Dhaka pay me over 2.5 million dollars 5 years from now " . What a stroke of luck .
Buddy <> Club: FWRFC Rating: 5 stars.
  Wednesday, September 04, 2002 12:06:39 PM CST
Message deleted by webmaster. If you want to read the deleted message from King Dhaka of Bangladesh, which is rather humorous, click here.
Ashek, King of Dhaka <> Club: Ultratek Rating: 5 stars.
dhaka, Bangladesh   Wednesday, September 04, 2002 6:38:20 AM CST
Hi my name is barry kilroy.I`m from Gort,Co.Galway,Ireland.
I am hoping to go to the U.S.A. for a year next year to work.I want to continue my playing career while over there and would love to join a club.If interested e.mail me at

Barry Kilroy <> Club: Gort R.FC Rating: 5 stars.
Gort, Ireland   Wednesday, August 28, 2002 7:40:35 PM CST
Put the email roster of the team on the page. Say hey to TREY and Buddy and Warren. I love Texas
Fort Worth Alum 1988-1990

Tom Schmitt <> Club: Milwaukee Westside Harlequins Rating: 4 stars.
Milwaukee, WI US of A   Friday, July 26, 2002 7:59:48 AM CST
Heineken Cowtown Rugby Tournament
17th Annual
October 12 & 13, 2002
Rolling Hills Rugby Complex
Fort Worth, Texas

50 teams, 8 outstanding pitches, 6 divisions, and one magnificent Pub Crawl.
Click here for the latest information.

Tournament Director <> Club: Cowtown Rugby Club Rating: 25 stars.
Fort Worth, TX USA A-OK   Tuesday, July 02, 2002 3:53:23 PM CST

You boys interested in touring down under?

Matt Club: Easts Longhorns Rating: 4 stars.
Brisbane, Qld AUSTRALIA   Monday, July 01, 2002 12:01:10 AM CST

I am appalled at your continually loathsome hypocrisy. Even though you have gentrified your wife by moving to the metropolis of Watauga from the hinterlands of the cornfield, I submit that your recent experiences as Head Coach of the Wayne State Beaver Trappers Women`s RFC gives you all too different of a first-hand knowledge of the low standards women are still capable of - at least when they are being true to their own desires and those of eight sets of fingers in the bar.

While it is arguable that such depraved acts result from the fact the Beaver Trapper`s scrum outweighs the Norway National team by, what, 20 or 30 pounds a man, such desperation does not exclude your players from judgement as women...ones willing not only to inhabit said Nordic- shitter, but most likely share it with two "funny-talking" men while the line starts at the pisser four feet away.

Wayne State Women - 44 (waist) Norway Men - 0 (virgins left after the social)

D Mahoney Club: Wanderers RFC Rating: 5 stars.
  Tuesday, June 04, 2002 3:03:04 PM CST
If you are interested in a way to increase membership for your organization, a friend of mine has recently started a website to help people meet people (in person) through various groups and organizations. While this site will be very useful in helping people to meet others with common interests, in order to make this site successful, it would help us to list groups on there already in existence. It would also be a great way for you to attract new members.

Please visit to add your organization.


TAmmy <> Rating: 5 stars.
Fort Worth, TX   Thursday, May 30, 2002 10:40:10 AM CST
I have noticed that on the guestbook you can vote for the team with the biggest SHOCK of the world cup next year and now have seen that Norway is the leader at 31%. Either they have REALLY REALLY IMPROVED or you guys have no clue what happend over there in 1999 when they almost made me stay and play for the international side. they were also going to give me $10,000 cash, which in norway will last you about 9 days. (example $25 a game for bowling and pizza and 2 beers was $42 bucks and $30 for a shitter in your hotel room, instead of a public shower and shitter in the hallway. Never take your wife, becuase most (but not all) women will not shit in front of a guy in the shower or another taking a leak 4 feet away. FINAL SCORE STORM LAKE 5 NORWAY 0.
barner <> Club: fort worth Rating: 5 stars.
watauga, tx usa   Friday, May 24, 2002 8:10:30 AM CST
i am coming to the USA next year and wondered if i could get a game? i play fly half i have 7 international caps at U21 and English Students and i am 34 years of age.
Tony McManus <> Club: Ex Neath RUFC, Swansea RUFC and now Newcastle Rating: 10 stars.
Staffordshire, England UK   Wednesday, May 22, 2002 8:11:43 AM CST
Cowtown 7`s was a good time, but in the five years we hosted it we had only one real profit for the club. Sevens tournaments will have no participants unless it`s a Western Qualifier, but when it`s a qualifier the West RFU takes all the money with their high fees.
Tournament Slave Laborer Club: Fort Worth RFC Rating: 5 stars.
Fort Worth, TX USA   Friday, May 17, 2002 8:40:30 AM CST
Buddy Taylor Club: FWRFC Rating: 5 stars.
  Thursday, May 16, 2002 10:36:04 PM CST
Cowtown 7`s:

Is Ft. Worth ever going to host another Cowtown 7`s Tourney? We made a trip from Jackson, MS a few years back to play in the social division. We had a blast, but in subsequent years, the tournament has been canceled. Please post a reply.


Bryan Ellsaesser

Bryan Ellsaesser <> Club: Jackson Rugby Club Rating: 5 stars.
Jackson, MS USA   Thursday, May 16, 2002 6:10:01 PM CST
The ref was clearly in no position to see that stomp . Play on ! ( just don`t ever set a ruck again for the rest of your career )
So typical Rating: 5 stars.
  Wednesday, May 15, 2002 11:43:56 PM CST
Arlington doesnt have a guestbook so I have to post this somewhere. Check out this MPEG where an Arlington thug stomps on a Dallas players head -

This is posted on the Dallas Reds web site at Did anything ever happen to the stomper?

This is truly disgusting and even criminal.

Texan Rating: 5 stars.
  Wednesday, May 15, 2002 10:00:58 AM CST
Most enjoyed watching your 2002 US Tournament whilst on my first ever visit to Texas (and the US). Sad that you lost but it was a great day out and I was thrilled to witness Alex Rylance`s 3 minutes of fame on the Saturday!! Best Wishes from London
Victoria Lees <> Club: Fan Rating: 3 stars.
London, UK   Thursday, May 09, 2002 9:47:50 AM CST
Fort Worth is hosting 16 clubs of the 2002 USA Rugby National Championship, including Texas teams Dallas and Austin.

Also, John Via of Fort Worth will suit up for the Boston Irish Wolfhounds as he did in the Fall and Spring this season.

The matches begin at 9:30, 11:30, and 1:30 on Saturday and Sunday, May 11 & 12.

Click here for the most current information on the event.

Webmaster <> Club: Fort Worth RFC Rating: 5 stars.
Fort Worth, TX USA   Tuesday, May 07, 2002 10:47:34 PM CST
The family of Lee E. Clark acknowledges with grateful appreciation your kind expression of sympathy.
Debbie, Britt, and Kyle Clark
The Laskie Family (Brian Laskie)

The Laskie Family Rating: 5 stars.
Houston, TX USA   Friday, March 22, 2002 9:56:50 PM CST
Good to see the club is still going strong- great site. I have some great memories of Fort Worth rugby from two Wales UOTC tours - keep it up.(and the drinking).
Bob McKillop <> Club: Heathens RFC Rating: 5 stars.
Northampton , England   Friday, March 22, 2002 10:20:47 AM CST
Was browsing for rugby sites and came across your. Very nice. Be interested in seeing what you think of ours.
Johnno <> Club: Keith Rugby Rating: 5 stars.
Christchurch, New Zealand   Tuesday, March 19, 2002 11:25:53 PM CST
Woodford 5ths are on their way in 18 days!!!

Check out our web site on

See you all on the 17th March


Colin Granger
5th Team Captain

Colin Granger <> Club: Woodford RFC Rating: 5 stars.
London, England   Monday, February 25, 2002 6:41:50 AM CST
Jester <MAGGOTS@MAGGOTS.COM> Club: MAGGOTS Rating: 5 stars.
MISSOULA, MT USA   Sunday, February 17, 2002 11:40:28 PM CST
LYDIA SERRANO Rating: 5 stars.
PEARSALL, TX   Thursday, February 07, 2002 12:52:03 PM CST
TCU is starting a woman`s club and they are in need of a coach. If you are interested contact Lyndsey Thompson at (817)257-4935 or email at


Scott Falconer <> Club: TCU RFC Rating: 5 stars.
Fortworth, TX USA   Thursday, January 31, 2002 10:33:25 PM CST
The Society of Texas Rugby Referees, the unquestioned leader in referee unions in the USA, has updated their web site.

STRR Online!

The look has changed, but the content is still the best around. Let your referee know at your next match what a great web site he has.

Webmaster <> Club: Fort Worth RFC Rating: 5 stars.
Fort Worth, TX USA   Thursday, January 31, 2002 2:42:39 PM CST
Wow! what a great sight. I happened to come across the sight while looking up rugby teams. I am an alumnus of the Fort Worth club back in `88-`89. The club sure has come a long way! Congrats on all the championships it makes me proud to say that I played for the defending champions at one time. It`s been a rough year from what I read, just remember to keep your head up....becuase that is the only to drink beer!
Kent aka K2 <> Rating: 5 stars.
Spring, Tx USA   Thursday, January 10, 2002 2:17:59 PM CST
On behalf of the Austin Huns, I would like to send our congrats to Mike Harvey on making the Eagles 7`s team. I`m sure he did the TRU proud. Looking forward to our match in March. Cheers, Zip
Zip <> Club: Austin Huns RFC Rating: 5 stars.
Austin, TX USA   Wednesday, January 09, 2002 7:44:48 PM CST
The guys from Austin are probably gonna let you play for the Texas -selects , now that you`ve played for the Eagles .
Buddy Taylor <> Club: FWRFC Rating: 5 stars.
Ft Worth, Tx u.s.a.   Wednesday, January 09, 2002 11:49:02 AM CST
What`s up I`m Swole! Hey I just thought I`d drop a line to my club in Ft. Worth, since I haven`t heard from any of you, but I`ve heard from 8 players in Austin. Good luck this weekend, take it to them. I`ve represented Ft. Worth well here in South America. Oh... by the way Waisale Serevi and I hung out and he wants to visit Texas. He wanted to know would we have room for him, I told him he`d have to play B-side because Buddy Love is our starting scrum half.


Swole <> Club: USA Eagles 7s Rating: 5 stars.
Mar Del Plata, Argentina   Tuesday, January 08, 2002 6:57:44 PM CST
Merry Christmas, Gents! Thoroughly enjoyed the HARC game, even if it was a bit nipply!
Eddie`s Christmas party was another good time, and Scorpio was again in good form!
If we only had a "Man of the post-match"... Lassky would not have won , bur perhaps Frenchie
(great grub!!)...
In Fergie`s haste to exit after a certain blonde, and my grumpy drunk exit, my jacket was forgotten.
Any chance I could retrieve it? Email me info?!
Great site, Bots! Who`d have thunk you had it in you? ;-) Ruggers really do have brains AND brawn!!!!

Amy <> Club: FWRFC, by association Rating: 5 stars.
Lewisville, TX   Thursday, December 20, 2001 11:30:47 AM CST
hi im from new zealand and am interested in coming to the usa to play a bit
of rugby and maybe do some coaching. it would be greta if you could send me
some info on your club and local area

Daniel Hollands <> Rating: 4 stars.
New Zealand   Saturday, December 01, 2001 4:39:42 PM CST
Here is a gripping account of the real story of flight 93 on MSNBC.

Webmaster <> Club: Fort Worth RFC Rating: 5 stars.
Fort Worth, TX USA   Wednesday, November 28, 2001 9:41:19 AM CST
Howzit Rugger Buggers Worldwide. Great site. I have heard that a car sticker is making the rounds in the US, which reads something like "Terrorists beware, Rugby players onboard" - I would like to get hold of one and show our support here in OZ. Can anybody help in this regard ? Cheers, Drew
Drew Chaney <> Rating: 5 stars.
Sydney, NSW Australia   Thursday, November 22, 2001 5:24:57 PM CST
Hey fellas,

I hope everything is good back in TX. It`s friggin cold in Ohio. I have played a couple of games with a club out here but they`re certainly not Fort Worth RFC. Keep in touch,

Jim McBride <> Club: Fort Worth RFC Rating: 5 stars.
  Friday, October 26, 2001 8:56:30 AM CST
The guestbook entries from the last year have been archived here. Also, be sure to vote on the new survey feature on the right side of this guestbook page.
Webmaster <> Club: Fort Worth RFC Rating: 5 stars.
Fort Worth, TX USA   Monday, October 22, 2001 8:18:50 AM CST
The "Lone Star" Tour is still on.
Woodford 5ths will be over to play you boys on the 17th March 2002 no matter what the world throws at us.
No member of the tour party has expressed any concern about the tour APART for the state of your beer! ha ha
See you all in March
Colin Granger
Capt Woodford 5ths

Colin Granger <> Club: Woodford RFC (UK) Rating: 5 stars.
London, England   Monday, October 15, 2001 7:30:05 AM CST


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