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Fort Worth Rugby Guestbook Archive #3

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Archive #3 - August 1998 to March 1999

I just wanted to thank Mike Kwedar and FWRFC for doing such a fine job this season. As one of the older members of FWRFC it is great to hear about the clubs current success. Fantastic job on the website . I look forward to seeing some of the games this spring. Best of luck for the rest of the season!
Tim Manley <>
Burleson, Tx USA - Friday, January 01, 1999 at 13:30:22 MST

Good luck for 1999! It was a pleasure meeting some of you, look us up when you're in JHB or Cape Town. (Almal behalwe Rick en Ben!!!) Op die bokke!!!
Shani & Toni
Keller, TX USA - Wednesday, December 30, 1998 at 15:42:21 MST

Hey guys how's it goin'? Practiced with yall on several occasions in '98. Loads of fun i tell ya. well now i am trying to get a club set up in Abilene. starting from scratch if you guys want to lend some fair words then the drinks are on me at the pub. take care. oh yeah kick some ass.
Alex Alfaro <>
Abilene, TX USA - Monday, December 28, 1998 at 12:35:59 MST

Rugby Coaching Clinic - Dallas

There are a number of people in the Metroplex who have expressed an interest in learning more about the great game of Rugby. To satisfy that interest and to help promote the fastest growing sport on American college campuses there will be a Rugby clinic held to present the rules of the game as well as fundamental playing and coaching skills. Potential players, coaches and teachers along with anyone else who wants to learn about Rugby are invited to attend.

When: Sunday, January 10th, 1999
Where: Jesuit College Preparatory School
12345 Inwood Road
Dallas, TX
Time: 10 AM to 5 PM
Cost: $15.00
Hennie Viljoen
Head Coach/General Manager
Dallas Harlequins Rugby Football Club
For reservations please call: Hennie Viljoen at (972) 239-0659 before 1/6/99.
Hennie Viljoen
Head Coach, Dallas Harlequins

Bots Hulen <>
Fort Worth, TX USA - Wednesday, December 16, 1998 at 10:18:03 MST

well, here I am, about to take finals, and I still havent done much except have Mike put me at Lock in a collegiate select side tryout... i hope i never have to do that again... anyway, i enjoyed the Okoboji pictures and writeup, and i want one of those new shiny green jerseys. TAMU rugby is going great, we've had a really good first half season, and are going to start practicing at 7 in the morning three days a week. oh well, if you cant be psycho,,, what can you be? anyway i'll be back sometime next week and was wonderin if yall are still playing out there. well i guess this message is a little long, so ill see you guys later.
Michael "little kid" Garnett <>
College Station, TX USA - Wednesday, December 09, 1998 at 14:07:39 MST

Can anyone tell me who, from Texas, made the West's side fot the ITT's? Thank you.
Pat Abernathey <>
Bryan, TX USA - Thursday, December 03, 1998 at 12:59:21 MST

Congratulations on such an awesome website and best of luck for the rest of the season. I may be moving to Fort Worth in the future and thought i better check out the web and see what rugbys available, i'm impressed! looks like a great club. I am hoping that i will have the opportunity to become involved with the "Fort Worth Rugby Club" in the near future. Keep up the good work.
Tim Eathorne <>
Christchurch, New Zealand - Thursday, December 03, 1998 at 02:03:19 MST

I am glad to see the club doing so well. I played for FWRFC from 1981 to 1991, and am now a member of the Nottingham Casuals RFC. We would be pleased to help arrange a tour of the UK, providing competition or information on other clubs. You can contact me at the address above or see our web page May I suggest adding our site to the links from your site? All the best.
Curt Coe <>
Nottingham, UK - Wednesday, November 25, 1998 at 07:54:51 MST

For James Walters, Keith, Buddy, Brett and the boys of the club from Peter Reynolds currently in Sarajevo. Came across the site while looking for Rugby pictures and recognised some of the faces from when I last toured with Wales OTC in 1996. Great work - keep it up. I have started a team here in Bosnia but the snow is getting a bit deep at the moment. Looking for the ball in 20 in of snow is not to be recommended.
Peter Reynolds <>
Sarajevo, BiH - Wednesday, November 25, 1998 at 06:35:28 MST

Map to today's match:

75 North
Mockingbird East
McMillan South
Ellsworth West
to Glencoe Park

Map Dude <>
Dallas, TX USA - Saturday, November 21, 1998 at 08:19:54 MST

I stumbled on to this while on the web. Nice job Mike.
Marty Moore
Milwaukee, wi USA - Monday, November 02, 1998 at 08:44:13 MST

For James Walters: Spud (Ritchie Lewis) told me about the site so I thought I should have a look. Its pretty good too. How are things mate? E-mail me with the wedding dates if you read this. How is Lindsey? and have you told all the boys overthere about the night you and Matt were dressed up as nuns and you lost your watch in the back of my car. Have a couple of Jack's for me when you get chance.
Chris Lewis (Aberavon 1996-98) <>
Swansea, Wales - Saturday, October 24, 1998 at 11:46:33 MDT

To James Walters, just happened to come across this page and had to send your club a note, (if anyone sees him, tell him to look this up). How are things TEX, Richard here from last years Aberavon side, Jacobs and I are still at the club and the team are struggling a bit. The games are much harder than last year and we are struggling a little behind the scrum, even i'm playing in the centre. I read in the reports that you were playing outside half, maybe we should swap clubs. Enough of all that rugby shit, how are you and Lindsay (whens the wedding), if you can get access to the NET look up Aberavons unofficial website and leave a message there. All the best Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis (Aberavon RFC).
Aberavon, Wales - Thursday, October 22, 1998 at 07:57:39 MDT

Just a quick word of thanks, for all members of Fort worth Rugby Club for helping to make our tour of the US the best one yet, Danny Shorter, Wales OTC.
Danny Shorter <>
Bath, England - Wednesday, October 14, 1998 at 07:17:32 MDT

WOW! No offense to our competition,but I have to admit,the easiest thing FWRFC did this weekend was play rugby.14 hours of a 57 hour tour spent in or around an airport,8 hours in a Motel 6 bed with Trey ,the best meal I remember was at Shoney's,(they say we had a good steak but I don't really remember),and the only recoord we set this weekend was 18 showered and packed in 1 room in 1 hour so we could get the airport on time to catch a plane that was delayed atleast 12 double scotches.All that said,you guys who didn't come missed a fun time.We played well when we had to and had fun when we wanted.P.S.--Watch for Verticle Rucking.
Buddy Taylor <>
Ft.Worth, TX USA - Tuesday, October 06, 1998 at 14:54:13 MDT

We of the dark side (referees) had a good time with challenging games. We were treated with respect by all participants. There were a number of very good games in spite of what may appear to be uneven scores. The competiton gets better every year as does tournament management. Good job gentlemen.
Brett Forrester <>
TX USA - Saturday, September 26, 1998 at 01:52:37 MDT

Pools and schedules for the Cowtown Kickoff Classic are now being formed. The final schedule will be available at 12:00 Noon Friday, Sep. 18. Contact Bots Hulen ASAP if you have an issue with the schedule. Click here to see the schedule now!
Bots Hulen <>
Fort Worth, TX USA - Thursday, September 17, 1998 at 16:28:59 MDT

Rugby is the greatest game, however I wish it recieved more support from the local televsion stations. I can only get a chance to watch a game only a few times a year.
Kenneth Williams <>
E. Lansing, MI USA - Thursday, September 10, 1998 at 21:19:35 MDT

Best Wishes for the new season and the cowtown tournament. Planning to visit James and Lindsay in the not to distant future. Aberavon Wizards have not had the best of starts to the new season but are slowly improving. I hope the club will make the Nationals this year. It sounds that there is a need to improve the fitness level?. Will keep in touch Best Regards Bob
Bob Walters <bob>
Swansea, Wales - Thursday, September 10, 1998 at 09:55:35 MDT

Fort Worth RFC continues their quest this Saturday at 10:00 AM against the touring Wales OTC, from Cardiff, Wales. The second match will kickoff at 11:30. Come out to Gateway Park for what promises to be a display of quality rugby. Read the preview on this site, or see Friday's Star-Telegram for a writeup.
Webmaster <>
Fort Worth, TX USA - Friday, September 04, 1998 at 11:48:47 MDT

I say what a pleasant surprise finding an obviously very keen rugger outpost out there in the heathen world of political correctness and therapists if you feel victimised about your hair colour and sueing if someone runs down your cat. I am a once small, fast, openside; now reduced to fairweather hooker or winger? can you catch your breath.I have allways played at very low level my club just having been champions of the Warwickshire league which puts us approx as far from what we call in the UK first class rugby, i.e. national leagues as its possible tobe. Oh yes we plumb the depths. My favourite game sensibly was my debut for our 1st team aged 19, at no.7; fairy story time: line out in Aylstonias from Leicester's 22(we wer at home), inside break from our outside half; popped it up for me to crash over. Its been downhill since then my favorite match for ocmedy reasons was a game for our 3rds against what was originally Jaguar cars works team when formed in I think the 40s or 50s.It wasnt so much a bad tempered game but more the referee was obviously a little over tired and emotional. Anyway after constant and it must be said contrived to the point of farce questioning of his decsions he lost it big time...... blew one loud blast, advised both teams he (sic) just couldent take it anymore and left the field throwing his whistle behind him in an overly flambuoyant manner.He was last seen head in hands; crying his eyes out behind the changing pavillion. Anyway, early bath and on the piss at 4.30 instead of 5.30. Singing off now. I wonder if your rugby culture is the same as ours; perhapas in an ironic way.
Woody <rwood19873@aol>
Coventry, WM UK - Saturday, August 29, 1998 at 16:00:24 MDT

Fort Worth got their season off to a good start, with a solid defensive effort against the touring Dromore, Ireland team. Fort Worth A won 12-11, and Fort Worth B played a solid game, but lost 23-12. Full results are available here. Fort Worth will play another touring side, Wales OTC, on Saturday, September 5, at 10:00 AM. Click here for a preview.
Webmaster <>
Fort Worth, TX USA - Monday, August 24, 1998 at 09:28:27 MDT

Great looking site, one of the best on the web. Missed you boys at Bloodfest. Had an awesome pub crawl that riviled Cowtown. Our Old Boys are traveling to Ruggerfest but we should still have a side up again for Cowtown. If any of ya'll would like to join us on our week long Cayman Island Tour Feb 20th-25th let us know. Free accommodations c/o Cayman RFC.
Brent Zipoy <>
Austin, TX USA - Tuesday, August 18, 1998 at 16:43:18 MDT

On Saturday, the Texas Rugby Union Select Side defeated Dromore, Ireland RFC 32-12. The Irish led 12-10 midway through the first half, before the heat and the oversized Texas team began to take their toll.
Next up:

Dromore Rugby Football Club
Fort Worth Rugby Football Club
Tuesday, August 18, at 6:00 P.M.
Gateway Park, Fort Worth

Come on out to Gateway Park to see these two outstanding teams in what will certainly be a hard-fought match.
WebMaster <>
Fort Worth, TX USA - Sunday, August 16, 1998 at 15:50:35 MDT

Come on boys, let's sell some ads already. G.V. Manning's been dipping into the kitty again to fund his numerous vices (LAWYER-SCUMBAG), and the cupboard is now bare. In other words sell some program ads or we'll have to cancel some friendlies and provide an immigrant workforce to Mr. Weatherby. Oh yeah, and if don't know Mr. Weatherby you need to speak with me - I got somethin' for you to do this Saturday.
Daniel Morgan
Cowtown, USA - Monday, August 10, 1998 at 11:33:51 MDT

Awesome rugby site, better than the sites for New Zealand rugby...great to see the one true sport embraced in usa. Do you ever tour? If so consider a trip toN.Z.....not just great rugby but freindly people and grand scenery too!!!!!
Chris Crosbie <>
Wanganui, New Zealand - Sunday, August 09, 1998 at 15:18:30 MDT

Check it out! Now you can search for any keyword! Give it a try here!
Webmaster <>
Fort Worth, TX USA - Saturday, August 08, 1998 at 12:15:01 MDT

Hey Bots - website looks better everytime I visit . . .Great work! Looking forward to Cowtown 15's.
Liz Alexander <>
Fort Worth, TX USA - Monday, August 03, 1998 at 18:38:11 MDT

Hey Guys, Great Site..The best I've seen for Rugby! Best Wishes to all of you from The Orange County Bucks R.F.C. (Orange County, California) I'll be out at the Cowtown tourney in September. Hope to maybe get a few games in with a team. It'll be my first time to this tourney. See you all soon..
Mark "COLT" Rangel <>
Torrance, CA USA - Monday, August 03, 1998 at 10:02:53 MDT

This is the best rugby site yet. Keep it up and kick butt again this season. From the guys at Wichita Falls RFC.
Rod Puentes <>
Wichita Falls, Tx USA - Saturday, August 01, 1998 at 23:36:09 MDT

Nice site.
Lincoln, NE USA - Monday, July 27, 1998 at 11:58:36 MDT

It's time to start thinking about the premier Fall rugby tournament in Texas, the Cowtown 15's Kickoff Classic. Click here for more info. Don't miss the best competition and the famous pub crawl!
Pub Crawl <>
Fort Worth, TX USA - Friday, July 10, 1998 at 21:55:59 MDT

Keep up the good work Bots and Theo.
Pierre Jacobs <>
Mossel Bay, WC South Africa - Thursday, July 09, 1998 at 11:49:30 MDT

Keep up the good work Bots and Theo.
Pierre Jacobs <>
Mossel Bay, WC South Africa - Thursday, July 09, 1998 at 11:49:23 MDT

Hey guys, We're all set to go to KC in October and bring back a little more than hardware.
John <>
Bedford, TX USA - Thursday, July 02, 1998 at 13:10:32 MDT

Hi boys, just a quick line to let you know I won,t be on tour this year. Great website, especially as you seem to have some great successes to report. Have a good season......
Richard (Dickie) Wright <>
cardiff, - Thursday, July 02, 1998 at 07:53:27 MDT

Hello there. Just testing the line
Richard Wright <>
Cardiff, - Thursday, July 02, 1998 at 07:39:43 MDT

Thanks for hosting a good tournament this weekend. See you in August.
Jim McBride <>
Denton, TX USA - Tuesday, June 30, 1998 at 07:50:38 MDT

Results of the Cowtown United National Touring Side's tour of Okoboji, Iowa are now available. Click here for results.
Bots Hulen <>
Okoboji, IA USA - Friday, June 26, 1998 at 22:02:36 MDT



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