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The 1999 National Division II Quarterfinals

Pools A, B, & C hosted by The Fort Worth Rugby Football Club
Gateway Park, Fort Worth, Texas, 1999 May 22-23

Complete brackets or match results by John Via.

The Fort Worth Rugby Football Club will be hosting 12 of the 16 teams that qualify for the 1999 National Championship. This site contains the most up to date information available on this event.


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Guinness Beer
spring3.jpg (4559 bytes)
The Springbok Pub
Downtown Fort Worth

Hotel & Accomodations

Event Hotel: 


Qualifying Clubs

Seeds and Clubs


Gateway Park has the 3 best pitches in the Southwest. Mike Geach, one of the few A-panel referees in the US, listed Fort Worth's pitch as one of the top 2 pitches in the United States in his referee profile in the latest Rugby magazine.

Click here for a map to Best Western (shown on map to Gateway Park).

Directions from DFW Airport to Holiday Inn:

  • Take the South Airport Exit from DFW Airport.
  • Take 360 South
  • Take 30 West
  • The Best Westernl is on the Southwest corner of Beach St. and I-30

Travel Arrangements

For information on special travel arrangements to Fort Worth, contact Buddy Taylor at 817-461-0914.

Event Preparation

Fort Worth RFC has made an unprecedented commitment to this National Championship Event. From the thousands of dollars that will be spent on promotion, to the thousands that will be spent on field improvements, Fort Worth RFC is on track to set a standard that wil not easily be matched again.

Contact Information

Quarterfinals Coordinator: Buddy Taylor
Phone: 817-461-0914 or 817-431-3347

Alternate (FWRFC President): Bots Hulen
Phone: 817-551-6933 or 817-924-9595


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