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2003 USA Rugby National Championship Quarterfinals

Hosted by The Fort Worth Rugby Football Club
Rolling Hills Park, Fort Worth, Texas
May 10 & 11, 2003

The Fort Worth Rugby Football Club will be hosting 16 of the top clubs in the United States for the first round of the 2003 National Championship. This site contains the most up to date information available on this event. 

Entry Fees

This event is free to all players and fans. Matches kick off at 10:30 on Saturday and 10:00 on Sunday.  Final matches kick off at 3:00 and 2:30 respectively.

Hotel & Accommodations

Event Hotel:  Holiday Inn South
Phone:  817-293-3088
Keyword:  RUGBY

Local Restaurants

See the guide produced by Eric Parks for the finest in Fort Worth's gastronomic delights.

Cowtown 2003

The Cowtown 2003 is scheduled for October 11 & 12.  Don't miss out on this premier rugby event.  For complete details, visit the Cowtown page.

Teams participating the the Division I National Quarterfinals are eligible for a special discount on their early entry.  For details, email

Men's Division I Brackets

Pool A - Fort Worth, TX USA Rugby Info

1. San Jose 
16. Woodlands
(CR2-3) __________
8. Boston Irish
9. Palmer

Pool B - Fort Worth, TX USA Rugby Info

2. St. Louis Bombers 
15. Maryland Exiles
(CR4-3) __________
7. Chicago Griffins
10. Las Vegas

Pool C - Fort Worth, TX USA Rugby Info

3. San Mateo
14. Life Chiropractic
(CR3-4) __________
6. Santa Monica
11. Austin

Pool D - Fort Worth, TX USA Rugby Info

4. Seattle
13. Charlotte
(CR3-3) __________
5. Hayward
12. Worcester

Player & Club Check-In

Player check-in will occur at the hotel on Friday Night, May 9.  USA Rugby will provide an official to perform the check-in.  Check USA Rugby's web site for details on player check-in.

Friday Check-In Schedule:
TBA - USA Rugby's web site will have details soon.

Club Tent Rentals

10' x 20' pavilion tents are available to rent for $100 for 2 days. These tents will be set up for you each day.  The Rolling Hills Park facilities are outstanding, but there is no shade anywhere but under these tents.

These tents are available on a first come-first served basis only. 

Fort Worth Weather Forcast

Saturday Match Schedule

Note: USA Rugby's web site has the official schedule.

# Time Pool Club 1 Club 2 Pitch
1 10:30 B Maryland Exiles St. Louis Bombers 11
2 11:00 A Palmer  Boston Irish 12
3 11:30 B Chicago Griffins Las Vegas  13
4 12:30 A San Jose The Woodlands 11
5 1:00 D Hayward  Worcester  12
6 1:30 D Charlotte  Seattle  13
7 2:30 C San Mateo Life  11
8 3:00 C Austin  Santa Monica  12

Sunday Match Schedule

Note: USA Rugby's web site has the official schedule.

Time Pool Club 1 Club 2 Pitch
10:00 B Match #1 Loser Match #3 Loser 11
10:30 A Match #2 Loser Match #4 Loser 12
11:00 D Match #5 Loser Match #6 Loser 13
12:00 C Match #7 Loser Match #8 Loser 11
12:30 B Match #1 Winner Match #3 Winner 12
1:00 A Match #2 Winner Match #4 Winner 13
2:00 D Match #5 Winner Match #6 Winner 11
2:30 C Match #7 Winner Match #8 Winner 12

Event Medical Information

Click here to view our Event Medical Policies...


A complete printable map can be found here.

Contact Information

Director: Keith Dalton
Director: Brian Laskie
Alternate: Eric Parks

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