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1998-1999 Fall Results

Fort Worth vs. Austin RFC, Austin, Saturday, December 12, 1998

Fort Worth A - 7 Austin A - 44

Austin RFC graciously gave Fort Worth a clinic on what Division I Texas rugby is like. This match was an obvious disappointment for Fort Worth, but a wake-up call to what needs to be accomplished in the remaining training sessions and matches for the year. The halftime score of 25-0 seemed reachable after Fort Worth scored a quick second half try, but Austin redoubled their defensive efforts, thwarting every penetration inside their 22, while solidifying their solid rucking game to produce 3 more tries.

Fort Worth B & Austin B/C - 12 Austin B - 24

Austin RFC provided 6 players to Fort Worth, who travelled surprisingly poorly. Next up for Fort Worth is ... Austin ... at home in mid-January.

Fort Worth vs. Denton RFC, Denton, Saturday, December 5, 1998

Fort Worth A - 58 Denton A - 10

Fort Worth RFC rolled on with a solid 58-10 victory.  Technically, Denton forfeited both matches as they continue to struggle to field 2 sides. As usual, the rivalry continues as the game was rife with trash-talk and punch-ups.

Fort Worth's A side stretches their TRU Division 2 winning streak to 40 games, with 5 cup matches and TRU's ahead.

Fort Worth B - Lot Denton B - Less

Fort Worth's B side finishes the first half of the season undefeated, as well.  There wer many fine individual performances, including a nice run by Ron "C.T." Prowell where he ran over a few defenders to score under the posts.   Denton's B side is the three time defending TRU-IIB champion, but a dismal Fall with 5 forfeits will be an insurmountable obstacle for TRU Championship qualification.

Preview:  This seems to be a rebuilding year by our rivals to the north. Their first few cup matches have been large defeats. However, in years past it seems both teams have always raised their game to match their opponents, and make it a close match. Denton's pitch has always been a challenging place to play for Fort Worth, and this match promises to be the same.

The A side match will kick off at 2:00 PM at Denton's Home Pitch. B side will follow at 3:30 PM.

Fort Worth vs. Dallas Harlequins-II, Dallas Glencoe Park, November 21, 1998

Fort Worth A - 32 Dallas Harlequins IIA - 17

Fort Worth took an early lead in the race for the TRU seed from the north. Scoring 6 tries to their opponents' 3, Fort Worth put together one of their best performances of the year. The Quins played an impressive open, running game, but their handling errors and Fort Worth's consistent ball-possession sealed their fate. Fort Worth's tight five dominated the scrums and the line outs, and the Quins were unable to counter.

Standouts for the game were Fort Worth's tight five, including Mike Szymanski, Mike Sexton, Bots Hulen, Buddy Taylor, and Chip Suchoki. The Man-of-the-Match went to Number 8, Ivan Moorehead, who scored 4 tries. Other scorers were David Maola in a fine performance at outside center, and James Swain at flyhalf.

The outcome of the spring match remains paramount to both teams, as Fort Worth's lead is only one game.

Fort Worth B - 27 Dallas Harlequins IIB - 5

Many standouts in this one, including Junior Filikitonga, Darrin Barner, and Man of the Match, Colin Trudeau.

Preview:  This is the first year the Dallas Harlequins have competed in Division II, and in typical fashion, they have yet to lose. Fort Worth will meet its greatest challenge so far this year, and will match up against a solid side, as well as the legions of Quin fans. The Quins web site is sure to have a preview of this match, as well.

The A side match will kick off at 2:00 PM at Glencoe Park in Dallas. B side will follow at 3:30 PM and the after-match party begins at 6:00 PM at the Across the Street Bar.

Fort Worth vs. Dallas Blues, Dallas Lake Highlands, November 14, 1998

Fort Worth A - 39 Dallas Blues A - 15

Fort Worth raced to an early lead and never looked back. The Blues showed their mettle, scoring the final try on a very nice backs play that went 70 M.

Fort Worth B - 49 Dallas Blues B - 8

Another solid victory for Fort Worth B, scoring early and often.

Preview:  Fort Worth meets the undefeated Dallas Blues this Saturday.  The Blues, continuing to improve with each new year in Division II, look to be Fort Worth's toughest match so far.  The Blues have won similar victories over the same opponents as Fort Worth, defeating both Arlington and Dallas Our Gang.

Fort Worth vs. Arlington Mavericks, Arlington, October 31, 1998

Fort Worth A - 31 Arlington A - 20

Arlington proved to be as much as Fort Worth could handle, taking a 15-5 lead into the second half.  Fort Worth finally got their forwards on track to score the go ahead try mid-way in the second half. Arlington's Pat Lackowski and their fly-hlaf played inspired games to keep it close all day.

Fort Worth B - 44 Arlington B - 0

Fort Worth's B side continues to be unchallenged.  With only one or two A side players filling in, the B side met another squad with a majority of players playing their second match of the day. Fort Worth took advantage and cruised to an easy victory.

Preview:  Arlington looks like an improved club this year, based on their solid victory over Denton, and their narrow loss to the Dallas Harlequins. This makes an interesting matchup for the first time in a few years.  Also, Arlington was the last Division II Texas team to beat Fort Worth, when they squeaked out a 10-7 win in the Fall of 1995. Arlington also defeated Fort Worth in the 1996 Cowtown Kickoff Classic.

Fort Worth vs. Dallas Our Gang, Dallas, October 17, 1998

Fort Worth A - 27 Our Gang A - 13

Fort Worth met Dallas Our Gang for their first cup match of the year on Saturday, October 17, in Dallas. The first half was equally played as the mud and wet conditions slowed both teams.  After the break, Fort Worth took  control, scoring three unanswered tries to finish the match.  Mike Harvey scored his first try for Fort Worth on a spectacular 70 meter run to end the scoring.

Fort Worth B - 50 Our Gang B - 10

The Fort Worth seconds started the cup season with a solid game from 1 to 15. Unlike the A side match, this game was never in doubt as Fort Worth controlled it from the outset.

Fort Worth wins the 1998 Heart of America Tournament in Kansas City

Fort Worth competed in the Open Division of the Heart of America Tournament on the weekend of October 3, 1998..  Sixteen teams squared off for the $1000 cash prize, which was split between Fort Worth and the tournament hosts, Kansas City RFC. The final was not finished, and was declared a draw due to the bad weather. The complete story is available now.

Fort Worth RFC hosted the 13th Annual Cowtown Kickoff Classic on September 19-20, 1998

With the premier rugby clubs of Houston, Austin, Kansas City, and Wales OTC, as well as the best collegiate and women's teams in Texas, the 1998 Cowtown provided the best competition ever. In the end, Wales OTC captured both the Men's and Collegiate Championship.

The 1997 Cowtown established the best pub crawl and party in Texas, and the 1998 Cowtown continued that tradition as nearly 500 ruggers took over the pubs in downtown Fort Worth.

Full results are available here.

Pool Match 1: Fort Worth - 43 Austin Golds - 0

The scoring began with a hard banger from Ron "C.T." Prowell, who crashed through Austin's fringe defense for Fort Worth's first try, and his first of two.  Dan Rosen put on a show as well, scoring three tries, and playing a part in most of the rest.   Austin was unable to secure consistent possession from either scrums or lineouts, and Fort Worth was able to keep the ball for most of the match as a result. (Other scorers were Darrin Barner - 1 try, Kevin Pierce - 1 try, and Ben Ferreira - 4 conversions)

Pool Match 2: Fort Worth - 22 Houston II - 5

Captain Theo Van Wyk scored a sneaky try on a mishandled ball from a Houston scrum. Houston immediately came back with a score from their hard running inside center. Fort Worth maintained their composure during a serious punch-up, and went on to score 3 more tries (Mike Szymanski, James Walters, unknown) and a conversion (Van Wyk)..

Pool Match 3: Fort Worth - 5 Wales OTC - 9

Both teams entered the game at 2-0 on the day, and due to the big scores being put up by Austin and Kansas City, it was obvious the loser would not qualify as the wild card for the championship finals. This was also a rematch of one of the worst efforts by Fort Worth in recent memory, their 36-18 loss to OTC two weeks prior.

The first half ended in a scoreless tie, as the match was played between the 22M lines. In the second half, both teams continued their solid defensive efforts, and only penalties on Fort Worth's part allowed Wales to score. Wales put up three penalty kicks, and held a 9-0 lead with two minutes remaining. At this point Fort Worth ran the ball deep with a nice effort by both forwards and backs, and James Walters touched down for the only try of the game.

Wales went on to win the tournament with two more close victories, but Fort Worth were the only team to hold them tryless.

Consolation Semifinal: Fort Worth - 1 Our Gang - 0

Our Gang was short players on Saturday, and combined with Austin to field a side.  However the 9:00 AM kickoff was too early and Fort Worth earned the forfeit.

Consolation Final: Fort Worth - 15 Woodlands - 14

This was a hard fought match, played with the intensity expected from these two friendly rivals. Fort Worth jumped to a 10-0 lead on tries by Dan Rosen.   The first try came as Woodlands were waiting for a Fort Worth kick to bounce into touch.  Rosen stealthily chased the ball and kicked it through the Woodlands defenders into the try zone where he dropped on it for the score.

Dan's second try came as he chased another kick that had bounced among the Woodlands players.  Dan slashed through, picked the ball on the lucky bounce, and raced ahead for another score.

Woodlands had not conceded the game by any means, and stormed back to take the lead on two quick tries of their own.  Their conversions were good, and they had the lead at 14-10 with only minutes remaining.

Fort Worth controlled the ensuing kick, and worked it up the field with their forwards. Dan Morgan was able to dive over from a ruck to take the lead and the game 15-14.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Oklahoma University RFC (Men's), September 13, Gateway Park

Fort Worth A - 29 Oklahoma University A - 8

Fort Worth put together a solid 15-man effort, while inserting numerous new and promising players and not missing a beat in the process. The sad memory of the previous week's loss to Wales OTC was virtually erased as the Fort Worth's solid rucking and energetic defense produced an exciting victory.

Fort Worth began the day with the slope of the pitch in their favor, and immediately took advantage.  Pinned inside their own 22, OU played the kicking game to get out and were successful for only a short period.  At 10 minutes, OU were awarded a five meter scrum, and quickly spun the ball to their standoff, who attempted a kick for touch. The connection between the halves was too slow for Fort Worth's blindside flanker, Eric Pacheco, as he charged down the kick.  The ball sailed up into the air and came down into Pacheco's hands as he snatched the ball from the air and touched it down for Fort Worth's first points.  Inside center Ben Ferreira made the conversion to put Fort Worth's lead to 7-0.

At 20 minutes Fort Worth scored again, with a try by standoff James Walters. After a series of rucks, captain Theo Van Wyk spun the ball to Ferreira, who tossed it back inside to Walters.  Walters crashed through the defense and dove over for the try.  The conversion was wide, and the score stood at 12-0.

At 35 minutes, Fort Worth were still controlling possession in OU's end of the pitch.  The OU players were showing signs of frustration which were yielding penalties to Fort Worth. Replacement prop Keith Dalton was inserted, and was immediately called upon to take a penalty at five meters.  He answered the call and crashed over for the try. With the conversion by Ferreira and a penalty by OU, the score at the half was 19-3.

In the second half, a very solid defensive effort was required by Fort Worth as the Oklahomans came at them with renewed energy.  However, Fort Worth scored first, and maintained control well enough to keep the game in hand throughout.

Fort Worth were awarded a line out at two meters from the goal five minutes into the half.  Hooker Bots Hulen quickly threw the ball to Dalton at number one, who used his immense hips to seal the opposition from any chance at the ball. Dalton dove through the two defenders opposing him and touched down for his second try. The wide conversion left the score 24-3 in Fort Worth's favor.

OU came back on the attack again, and at 15 minutes had a try by one of their centers.   After winning their scrum, they spun the ball to the left side of their split backs. The first back was tackled at the gain line, but the center took the quick pass from him hard, and sped into the try zone to give OU the score and close the gap to 24-8.

Fort Worth's final try was a impressive demonstration of 15-man rugby. OU were awarded a line out on Fort Worth's 10-meter line and quickly spun the ball to the backs. Number 8 Dan Morgan was very close in pursuit of the standoff, who delivered a bad pass to his center.  Morgan scooped up the ball at pace and took it to near the 22. Walters took the pass and ran another 10 meters, and gave the ball back to Morgan as the defense covered.  Morgan was caught at 2 meters out, as Fort Worth's backs and forwards were there en mass to blow over the ruck.  The strong ruck left enough room for Walters to pick the ball up quickly and dive over untouched.  The resulting 29-8 lead held to the end as Fort Worth had the victory.

Fort Worth B vs. Oklahoma University B - scrimmage

Fort Worth helped fill a side for OU, playing with 13 on Fort Worth's side, and giving 6 players to OU.  Of the 5 tries scored in the match, 4 were credited to Fort Worth and 1 to OU.

Chris Bezuihout touched down first, after a deep kick by Nick Betts was chased and covered by the forwards.  The next score was a nice movement that went from Dan Morgan to Chance Jones to Chris Bezuihout and finally to OU's scrum half who shiftily darted in for a try.

In the second half, Mike Harvey finally got to show the speed that earned him New Mexico State's record in the 100M.  Matt Heller began the movement, passing it to the promising young Blake "Dundee" Hyland, who dished it out to Harvey.   Although never truly opening up his sprint, Mike still left the defenders grabbing for air.

Heller began and finished the next score, beginning with taking a pass from a scrum at midfield. He dished it to Hyland, who sent it to Charlie "Big Daddy" Burgess. Charlie cut inside his defender and layed up a beautiful pass to Heller who looped around the outside and dove over for the try.

Mike Harvey finished the scoring for the day, with another nice, shifty run resulting in his second try.


Fort Worth will square off against the best team from the Ozark Rugby Union, Division I OURFC.  OU has been a solid team for many years with numerous trips to the Division I Western RFU Championships.  Last year OU qualified again, but was eliminated in a challenge match by the Super League powerhouse, Dallas Harlequins.

The last time these two teams met was a year ago in the fiasco called the Girdlestone Tournament.  The clubs played even for most of the match, but OU finished with two late tries to take the victory and advance to the finals.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Wales OTC, Saturday, September 5, Gateway Park

Fort Worth A - 18 Wales OTC A - 36

Wales OTC played a solid, 15-man game, defeating the Texans on their home pitch 36-18.   Wales took an early lead, and never looked back.  In the second half, Fort Worth put together a solid effort, but never truly threatened to take the game from the visitors.

The 1998 heat wave that has killed over 200 people in Texas was back on this day as temperatures hit 108 F (42 C). Luckily, the match was played at 10:00 AM, and although hotter than hell, it could have been much worse.

Wales won the coin toss and elected to take both the strong wind, and slope of the pitch in the first half. This turned out to be a very smart move, as they built a strong 19-0 lead in the half, and as the wind calmed significantly in the second half.

Wales came out rucking, demonstrating superior fitness in their forwards. With a well-rehearsed and advanced attack for such an early date in the season, Wales scored on two trick penalty plays to take a 12-0 lead.  At 15 minutes, Fort Worth had yet to secure possession for any extended period of time.

The game settled as Fort Worth's defense improved, but the Texans were unable to mount any serious scoring attack.  Late in the half, Wales put up their third try, and sat on a 19-0 lead at the half.

The second half saw a much more even match, as the teams traded scores to the end.   Fort Worth's first score cut the lead to 19-5, with a try by fly-half James Swain.

Fort Worth were awarded a line-out on their own 10 meter line. The throw was secured at number 2, and quickly spun to the backs. James Swain double-dummied his centers, and hit fullback Dan Rosen, who crashed through at full pace.  As the defense covered, Dan passed outside to wing Trey Buck who then gave a beautiful pass to his inside to Swain, splitting two defenders at very close range.  James had the pace and sprinted the last 30 M, pulling away from the defense and touching down 5 m from touch.  The conversion was wide, but Fort Worth was on the board, down 19-5.

Fort Worth soon threatened again, working the ball within five meters of in-goal. A ruck was set at 5 meters, as the Welsh had hands-in, referee Dave Hooper signaled advantage to the Texans. The ball was spun to Swain at fly-half, who sent the ball over with a drop-goal to close the gap to 19-8.

Wales was far from done, however, and at 65 minutes had possession inside Fort Worth's 22 meter line. A penalty was tapped quickly, and their lock crashed over to give the Welsh a 26-8 advantage.

The next score was a tremendous individual effort by Fort Worth's fullback, Dan Rosen.   Dan fielded a deep kick near Fort Worth's 22. He took it up the field, and sent a deep kick near the Wales goal.  The ball was rolling fast, and seemed sure to go through the back of the try zone.  Fortunately, Fort Worth has one of the few full-sized pitches in Texas, as Dan needed all 20 meters.  Dan sped past the defenders who were scrambling to reach the ball, and touched down at the final moment possible, just inside touch.  Fort Worth had cut the lead to 26-13, with 15 minutes remaining.

The Welsh fly-half continued his tremendous day kicking, by sending over a penalty with 10 minutes remaining to extend the Welsh lead to 29-13.  On the day he would miss only one kick, a difficult sideline conversion.

Fort Worth took possession on the ensuing kick, and worked the ball steadily up the field.  Wales committed a penalty near their own 10 meter line, and Fort Worth's captain, Theo Van Wyk quickly tapped the ball and attacked.  He hit flanker Tonga Makawe, who then passed to outside center James Walters. Walters cut inside one defender and hit hooker Bots Hulen who then passed outside to tight-head Keith Dalton.  Keith was caught at 5 meters, and set the ball as he was tackled.  This gave Wales time to get 3 defenders in position, but scrum-captain Dan Morgan quickly picked up the ball and drove through them to touch down for Fort Worth's final score.  Nearing full time, Fort Worth were down 29-18.

Wales were not finished, though, and were able to score at full time on a quick tap, to extend the final score to 36-18.  Fort Worth showed a lot of promise, but Wales were already well-advanced in their game, as well as their fitness.  In two weeks, these teams will likely meet again in the Cowtown Kickoff Classic, the largest and best Fall tournament in Texas.

Fort Worth B - 17 Wales OTC B - 30

What a difference a half makes!  After controlling the game and leading 17-6, Wales were able to storm back to a 30-17 victory.  Fort Worth's seconds showed the ability to play a great rucking and defensive game, but the smaller, fitter, and quicker Welsh team finished very strong and took the match convincingly.

Fort Worth were on the attack early, rucking and banging, and keeping possession easily.  The first score was by Number 8, Ron Prowell, the Tennessee madman, who picked from the base of a ruck and crashed through the fringe defense.  The conversion was made by flanker Ben Ferreira to give Fort Worth a 7-0 lead.

Fort Worth continued to control possession, and at 25 minutes extended the lead to 14-0 on an "Unbelievable!" try by Chris Bezuihout.  Chris's try was very similar to Ron's, as he picked up from the base of a ruck near the try zone, and crashed through the defense.  Ben once again slotted the conversion, as his kicks would be perfect on the day.

Ben Ferreira finished Fort Worth's scoring with a 30 meter penalty at 35 minutes.   Wales OTC managed to slot two penalties of their own, to cut the half-time lead to 17-6.

Nearing 1:00 PM, the afternoon heat was getting unbearable, as the temperature soared past 100. Players were dropping out of the game steadily as the heat made a simple jog from break-down to break-down very difficult.  Wales, however, seemed less affected with their 45 players, and employed multiple platoons to finish the game.

Tempers went up with the heat when a Fort Worth player was hit late, resulting in two Fort Worth players being sent to the sin-bin.  The heat, the tempers, and the solid play of Wales all added up to 24 unanswered points for the Welsh, as they cruised to a 30-17 victory.

To Fort Worth's credit, there were no silly tries given up, as the Welsh had to earn every score.  Fort Worth's seconds had many standouts, as many young players are coming into their game quite nicely.  On the day, Fort Worth's seconds showed tremendous promise for another solid season.


As always, this promises to be a hard fought and enjoyable match, with a level of intensity that can only come between clubs that know each other so well.  For the eighth consecutive year, Wales OTC will be touring Texas and stopping in Fort Worth.

This match will be the first stop for the Welshmen, and their last stop will be at Fort Worth's Cowtown Kickoff Classic Tournament.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Dromore, Ireland, Tuesday, August 18, 6 P.M., Gateway Park

Fort Worth A - 12 Dromore A - 11

Dromore, Ireland began their tour on the Saturday previous to the Fort Worth match, losing to a big and fast Texas Select team, 32-12.  The heat and hard pitch took their toll on the Irish, who played well to start, but faded as the game continued.

The Tuesday match against Fort Worth was supposed to be much easier for Dromore, but it was immediately evident that they were in for a hard fight against a solid side.   Both sides played stellar defense, Fort Worth using big hits, and Dromore using good skills in stripping possession in rucks and mauls.

Playing with the slope of the pitch, the Irish played in Fort Worth's half for the first ten minutes, taking advantage of Fort Worth's rusty fringe defense. From an off-side penalty, Dromore got on the board first from 30 meters. Half way through the first half, they extended their lead to 8-0, on a long try. The Irish set a maul on their own 10 meter line, which they were unable to roll or drive. The ball was sent to their outside half, who was hit hard by flanker Dan Morgan.  The Dromore forwards struggled to get on-side and join the fray, and through the glut of players their number eight sprung free. Fort Worth were closing on him, but he dove for a try in the corner.

Fort Worth got on the board with five minutes remaining in the first half, when outside center James Walters put down near the sideline.  The difficult kick was converted by Theo Van Wyk, and Fort Worth went to the half down 8-7.

The half did wonders for the Fort Worth forwards, who began the second half with renewed energy, controlling possession in Dromore's end.  However, Dromore's spirited defense held Fort Worth at bay.  Near halfway, Dromore was able to extend their lead to 11-7 on a penalty.

With ten minutes remaining, Fort Worth worked the ball within five meters of the winning try.  A Dromore forward was caught playing the ball in a ruck, and Fort Worth were awarded the penalty. Tight head Keith Dalton took the banger off the penalty and crashed over to give Fort Worth the 12-11 victory.

Scoring summary: Fort Worth 2 tries (Walters, Dalton), 1 conversion (Van Wyk); Dromore 1 try, 2 penalties.

Fort Worth B - 12 Dromore B - 23

Fort Worth's B side played very hard, but the lack of fitness and practice took their toll.  The game stayed close with a try by Dan Rosen early, but in the second half Dromore began to pull away.  Fort Worth's second score came near the end on a try by center Charlie Burgess, but the rally began too late for a chance at victory.

Scoring summary: Fort Worth 2 tries (Rosen, Burgess), 1 conversion (Pierce); Dromore 3 tries, 1 conversion, 2 penalties.


Fort Worth will meet the touring Dromore, Ireland club on Tuesday, August 18, for two matches.  On Dromore's last visit, they won the Cowtown 15's Invitational with a brilliant victory over the Dallas Harlequins.  In probably the best match ever played at the Cowtown Kickoff Classic Tournament, a freak rainstorm turned the tide for the Irish who were being outplayed by the 'Quins to that point.  Dromore took home a full-sized Texas Longhorn skull, which hangs prominently in their pub in Ireland.

This game is drawing a lot of attention, as evidenced by our guestbook. Here are two excerpts, one from Dromore RFC, and a response from Fort Worth's 1994-1996 captain, Buddy Taylor.

I toured Texas in 1990 & played in Your "Cowtown Tourney" with my former club DROMORE R.F.C. We won the tourney beating Dallas 'Quins in an unbelievable climax to the most memorable tour of my rugby playing days. Time, married life & a young family have now replaced sweat, mud & booze-ups. Dromore are again in your part of the woods touring later on this summer. My thoughts will definitely be on your side of the Atlantic. Would someone please get Alex Morton drunk!!! Yours in rugby, ROY THE BOY
Roy Wilson <>
DROMORE, Co. DOWN N.IRELAND - Saturday, April 18, 1998 at 14:43:51 MDT

I remember the game between the 'Quins and Dromore. It was a fantastic match (possibly the best final in the Cowtown's history). At game time, it was 90 degrees and the heat was killing the Irish side. The Quin's pack was excellent and dominated possession early on. Dallas' outside half was really switched on and kept Dromore pinned in their own end ( I'm not sure, but it might have been Mark Gale). At half time, Quins were ahead by 10 or 12. But out of nowhere, the wind changed and a storm blew over the pitch. The temperature must have dropped 30 degrees. The Irish came to life and it became a fantastic battle with Dromore taking the victory late with a long try by the winger. That year's trophy was the best award we ever presented. (A huge Longhorn head with our logo painted on the forehead.) I hope it has a prominent place in a bar somewhere!
Buddy Taylor <>
Ft.Worth, Tx USA - Saturday, April 18, 1998 at 18:49:07 MDT

1998-1999 Player Scoring Summary

Total A & B scoring through 9/20/98

Player Try Penalty Conversion Drop Goal Total Points
Darrin Barner 1       5
Chris Bezuihout 1       5
Charlie Burgess 1       5
Keith Dalton 3       15
Ben Ferreira   1 8   19
Dan Morgan 2       10
Eric Pacheco 1       5
Kevin Pierce 1   1   7
Ron Prowell 3       15
Dan Rosen 7       35
James Swain 1     1 8
Mike Szymanski 1       5
Theo Van Wyk 1   2   9
James Walters 5       25
Unaccounted -(vs. HARC-2) 1       5

Relevant matches: Dromore A&B, Wales A&B, OU A, Cowtown Tournament

Total A Side matches through 9/13/98 (does not include tournaments)

Player Try Penalty Conversion Drop Goal Total Points
Keith Dalton 3       15
Ben Ferreira     2   4
Dan Morgan 1       5
Eric Pacheco 1       5
Dan Rosen 1       5
James Swain 1     1 8
Theo Van Wyk     1   2
James Walters 3       15

Relevant matches: Dromore A, Wales A, OU A

Texas A&M Hotter than Hell 7's, College Station, Texas, Saturday July 11

Tournament Consolation Runners-Up

Fort Worth placed second in the consolation bracket in the A&M tournament, with a 5-2 record on the day. The side was more a version of the Fort Worth Pedestrians Old Boys than Fort Worth RFC. However, they wore the green and white and represented the club with class. After a solid run in pool play, Fort Worth made it through the consolation rounds, finally losing to Fort Hood in the final.

Steve Utter, 7's team captain, tells it like this:
"That was the hottest I have ever been playing rugby.....We took a team of players that worked very well together and had some fresh blood out there as well. I was extremely proud of all of them. No one complained, and we all worked together. Dave Hill, John Via, Guy Manning, Buck Lampe, Ted Wagner, Marty Moore, Randy Windsler, Brent Hanson, Jack Graves, and myself. I have played at the A&M tournament for many years but that was one of the most hard fought and greatest times I have ever had. It was a war against weather and man."

1998 Cowtown 7's Western Qualifier, Saturday June 27

Tournament Championship Finalist

Fort Worth finished the day with a 4-1 record, with wins over McAllen, San Antonio, Brazos Celtic Exiles, and the Dallas Harlequins. In the final, Fort Worth met a very good Houston United team, who won the day without a serious challenge.

Click here for complete results.

Cowtown & Albatross form the Cowtown United National Touring Side!

Full results of their tour to Okoboji, Iowa is now available.

1995, 1996, 1997, & 1998 Summary of Results

Texas Rugby Union Championship

1995 Texas Rugby Union II-B Champions
1996 Texas Rugby Union Champions (12-2 Record)
1997 Texas Rugby Union Champions (13-1 Record)
1998 Texas Rugby Union Champions (16-1 Record)

Western Rugby Football Union Championship

1996 Western Rugby Football Union Champions (109-3 Combined Score)
1997 Western Rugby Football Union Champions (74-29 Combined Score)
1998 Western Rugby Football Union Champions (70-21 Combined Score)

National Championship Tournament

1996 United States Rugby Football Union Final Rank #6
1997 United States Rugby Football Union Final Rank #5
1998 United States Rugby Football Union Final Rank #9

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