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2000-2001 Match Results

USA 2001 National Championship

Semifinal: Fort Worth -15 vs. Woodlands - 18 - June 2, 2001 - Rockford, IL

Fort Worth entered this match as defending National Champions, but Woodlands entered as the 2001 Texas and Western Champions and were the clear favorites.   The last match between the clubs was in the Texas Rugby Union Final in March, where a stunned Fort Worth team was overwhelmed 54-3.

In the months since that rout, Fort Worth worked with renewed spirit to get their game back on track.  Knowing that the rest of the USA had fallen behind the standard of rugby in Texas Division II, a rematch with Woodlands seemed inevitable, and dominated the minds of the club.  

Fort Worth scored first on a push-over try for a 5-0 lead, but Woodlands stormed back with 2 quick tries and a penatly.  Late in the half Fort Worth scored to bring the match to a 13-12 deficit at the half.

In the second half Fort Worth took the lead on a penalty kick 15-13, which was held until late in the match.  At 70 minutes the Woodlands number 8 scored the winning try on a kick he chased into the try zone.

The final minutes of the match were a mad scramble for victory as Fort Worth put together phase after phase of running rugby.  As Fort Worth spun the ball to both sides of the field over and over, the Woodlands defense barely held them back.   The match ended with a collective sigh of relief from Woodlands and extreme disappointment from Fort Worth, but both clubs knew that the standard of play that was displayed in the match had never been seen between the clubs before.

On Sunday, Woodlands dominated Milwaukee for 70 minutes and then held on with a full slate of reserves to win their first National Championship.  Their victory makes it two in a row for the Texas Rugby Union.  Fort Worth's 2000 National Championship can largely be attributed to the club's dedication to catching a Woodlands team that seemed to be playing a higher level of rugby that season. Fort Worth is proud of the fact that the rivalry the two clubs have shared over the years certainly contributed greatly to Woodlands' 2001 National Championship.  Congratulations Woodlands, and we'll see you guys on the pitch in Division I next year.


Woodlands and Fort Worth meet again with a National Championship berth on the line.  After years of knowing that two of the best Division II clubs in the country reside in Texas, these clubs finally have a nationwide forum to demonstrate it.

Woodlands holds a 3-1 advantage over Fort Worth in the current season, including some lopsided victories.

USA 2001 National Championship Quarterfinals

Fort Worth - 24 vs. Connecticut Yankees - 18 - May 13, 2001 - New Haven, CT

A rematch of a first round match from the 2000 National Quarterfinals, except the Yankees had the boys from Cowtown closer to their home pitch.  Fort Worth held on during a furious first half where the Yankees used a strong wind to keep Fort Worth pinned in their end.

Fort Worth played a solid second half, taking a 19-13 lead before the Yankees cut it to one with a try in the corner.  Fort Worth punched in one more try to pad the victory late.

Fort Worth - 24 vs. Eastside Axemen - 23 - May 12, 2001 - New Haven, CT

Eastside jumped to a quick lead with some nice forward work and a charged down kick, but Fort Worth hang on to keep within 10 at the half.

With 6 minutes remaining Fort Worth trailed by 13, but quickly converted two tries to take the victory.


Fort Worth and Eastside have never met on the pitch, but important ties between the clubs exist.  The clubs have shared a number of common players in their histories, including John Via and Dave Pelton.

Eastside has amassed an impressive set of wins on their way to the Pacific Coast title.

Western Consolation: Fort Worth - 29 vs. Denver Highlanders - 13 - Fort Worth, TX - April 29, 2001 - host info

Fort Worth earns a trip back to the National Tournament with a 3rd place Western finish.  Fort Worth will use the third seed they earned in the 2000 National Championship and travel to Connecticut for two quarterfinal matches.

Western Semifinal: Fort Worth - 42 vs. Springfield - 43 - Fort Worth, TX - April 28, 2001 - host info

A wild game that featured a poor defensive effort combined with a solid comeback at the end.  Springfield earned a penalty try at full time to put them over the top.

The STRR web page has a very good write-up of the match here.


Springfield and Fort Worth both have long histories in the Western Championship Tournament, but their paths have never crossed until now.  Springfield took second in 1999 and third in 2000, with their only losses coming against the Woodlands.  The clubs battle for a chance to take one of two spots in the National Quarterfinal Pools to be held in Fort Worth.  The loser will still have a chance to earn the West's third seed (to be played in Connecticut) with a win on Sunday.

In the other semifinal match, Woodlands will attempt to build on their recent Texas Championship and MLR victory over the top-seeded Division 1 team in the west.   Woodlands meets the Denver Highlanders, who have once again rolled over their competition in the Eastern Rockies.

Western Quarterfinal: Fort Worth - 27 vs. San Antonio - 5  - Tulsa, OK - April 8, 2001 - pictures

San Antonio defeated Tulsa in a wild game 27-17 on Saturday, setting up a rematch of the TRU semi-final.

Fort Worth had the wind in the first half, and quickly took advantage with a try 5 minutes into the match.  Two more tries in the half and a penalty allowed Fort Worth to take a comfortable 20-0 lead into the half.  San Antonio attempted to run from their end into the wind, as their lack of an effective kicker left them with few options.

In the second half, San Antonio managed an extended attack on Fort Worth's goal with solid bangers with their forwards.  Fort Worth's pack was up to the challenge and maintained the line for over 8 minutes.  San Antonio finally sent the ball wide to the corner, where they crossed the line for their only try of the match with 20 minutes remaining.

Fort Worth stayed in San Antonio's territory for most of the half, finally putting a try over with a nifty run from Mike Harvey. The conversion left the final score at 27-5 in Fort Worth's favor.

Western Playoff: Fort Worth - 47 vs. County RFC (KS) - 22  - Tulsa, OK - April 7, 2001

Fort Worth ran in 7 tries against the County Sundogs.  County punched in a few tries at the end of the match as Fort Worth's defense became lazy and staid with the game completely in hand.


Fort Worth meets County RFC of Kansas for the first time in the 2001 Western Quarterfinal.  San Antonio matches up with the Ozark Champion, Tulsa RFC, and the match winners meet on Sunday for the right to play in the Western Final Four in Fort Worth.

Texas Final: Fort Worth - 3 vs. Woodlands - 54 - Austin, TX - March 25, 2001

Woodlands unleashed a 15-man demonstration of running rugby, which has probably never been seen in U.S. Division 2 rugby.  Fort Worth's problems with their set pieces, a few key injuries, and some key missed tackles sealed their fate.  Woodlands ran in 4 tries in each half, and thwarted every Fort Worth threat to their try line. Congratulations to Woodlands for their second Texas Championship.

Texas Semifinal: Fort Worth - 22 vs. San Antonio - 10 - Austin, TX - March 24, 2001 - pictures

Fort Worth failed to take advantage of the opportunities opened to them, but managed to hold on to a 0-10 halftime deficit anyway.  In the second half, the game began to go Fort Worth's way as tries by Keith Winton, Ron Prowell, and Mike Hendon put them in the lead.  San Antonio's breaks were chased down by Mike Harvey, who's solid play on defense was one of the few bright spots on the day.

Fort Worth - 24 vs. Arlington Mavericks - 21 - Gateway Park - Fort Worth, TX - March 17, 2001

Arlington played a fine match and fought to a 21-17 lead after a 14-3 Fort Worth halftime advantage.  With one minute of regulation and three minutes of injury time remaining, Fort Worth began with a scrum 30 meters from Arlington's goal, and after 10+ phases Charlie Burgess touched the ball to the line for the winning try. Other try scorers were Mike Harvey and Keith Winton.


Fort Worth escaped the Fall match between these clubs with an 8 point victory, but the clubs today bear little resemblance to those sides.  Since the September match, Fort Worth has limped to a 2-8 cup record while Arlington has shown some impressive rugby at times.

The match between these two clubs should be competitive with a berth in the TRU championship on the line. Kickoff is at 2:00 PM at Gateway Park.

Fort Worth - 41 vs. Dallas RFC - 24 - Fort Worth, TX - March 10, 2001

Fort Worth evened up the season series with a solid victory against a sluggish and rusty Dallas side.  In the words of the referee, Fort Worth's pace on the outside was the difference as the backs scored all of Fort Worth's tries.  Mike Harvey put an emphatic exclamation point on the match with a beautiful 95 meter try at full time after an extended Dallas attack.


The clubs played a very close and contentious match in the Fall, in which Dallas held on to win by 6. The first match begins at 2:00 at Gateway Park.

Fort Worth XI - 7 vs. Atlanta Renegades - 10 - Atlanta, GA -   March 3, 2001

mageleven.jpg (45033 bytes)

The Magnificent 11 joined forces with Jimmy, Sean, Dan, and Umberto and faced off against the Atlanta Renegades in an MLR match for the ages.  The extremely sloppy conditions made the standard of rugby questionable, but the courage and heart displayed by the 15 in green will be remembered long after the score is forgotten.

The Atlanta Renegades were aware the Fort Worth would be travelling light, and offered to fill in the gaps to ensure the match would be played. To their credit and almost to their regret, they offered 4 fine rugby players that fit in well with the eleven brave souls from Fort Worth.

Fort Worth began with a typical travelling warm-up, spending almost a full 50 seconds jogging and stretching. The small warm-up didn't seem to matter, though, as Fort Worth started on fire.

After the kickoff and a few tentative scrums, Fort Worth was in the try zone off of a nice run by Hennie and a feed to Mike Harvey on the wing.  Mike took the ball near the sideline and was unable to put the ball down before being pushed into touch. The almost-try gave Fort Worth instant confidence that would last until the final play.

After sitting inside the Renegades territory for the next 10 minutes, Atlanta was finally able to make a break and take the lead.  A lineout at halfway was spun all the way to the wing, and the first Fort Worth defensive breakdown yielded a Renegade try.  The wily scrum-half was able to slot the conversion giving the home side a 7-0 advantage.

Fort Worth answered almost immediately off a scrum down at halfway.   Hal Summers picked up from the base of the scrum and outran the defending flanker.   once Hal met the first back on the weak side he spun a perfect pass wide to Harvey on the wing, who took the ball using all of his considerable pace.  Mike centered the try and Alex Rylance kicked the conversion to tie the match.

The remainder of the half was all Fort Worth, who completely dominated the rucks and held the ball inside Renegade territory, but was unable to punch in another try.

In the second half, the home side got their rucking game together, and an added lineout jumper gave Fort Worth fits. In the end, it would be the poor lineouts that would be most responsible for Fort Worth's fate.

Fort Worth once again held the territorial advantage and the possession advantage, but no points were scored.  Atlanta had a few breakaway opportunities, but the fine defense by Harvey, Hennie, Garrity, Pierce, Playboy, and Sean kept them from the try line. Midway through the half, Atlanta was awarded a penalty near the ten meter line and in the middle of the paddock, which was an automatic 3 points from their fin kicker.

Late in the match, Fort Worth had a long possession only meters from their try line, but handling mistakes and the lack of a real plan kept them from any points. Fort Worth had one final movement by the backs that went over 40 meters, but a knock on in the wet conditions ended it.

Later that night the 11 out-of-towners lead the charge into Buckhead with the Renegades.  The 'Gades were terrific hosts and conducted themselves over the whole weekend with class.  Thanks Renegades for a fine time in Atlanta.

1. Jimmy
2. Skip Miles
3. Keith 'Big Buuuuurly' Callaway
4. John Via (C)
5. Dan
6. Bots Hulen
7. Umberto
8. Hal Summers
9. Alex 'Frenchy' Rylance
10. Josh 'Playboy' Allen
11. Kevin Pierce
12. Kevin Garrity
13. Hendrick Venter
14. Mike 'SupaSwole' Harvey
15. Sean


Fort Worth travels to Atlanta for their final MLR match of the Spring.   The Renegades have been a solid club in the shadow of Life College for years.   Both clubs suffered losses to the fellow tri-series club in Austin, so the winner will take the lead in the competition for a place in the Plate division championship in the Fall.

Fort Worth @ Galveston Mardi Gras - Galveston Island - February 17-18, 2001

In their 5th consecutive year in the tournament, Fort Worth earned a 2nd place finish.  In their 5-year run, Fort Worth's Galveston Mardi Gras record now stands at 11-4.

Mardi Gras Final: Fort Worth - 8 Woodlands - 33

Woodlands brought a hard and fast side to the tournament, and made quick work of Fort Worth.  Tiann got the scoring started with a quick dart into the try zone from a ruck, his first of two tries.  Fort Worth's forwards made some costly mistakes in the tight, which were quickly exploited by Woodlands.

Late in the match Fort Worth got on the board with a try by Josh Allen, but it was too little too late.  Hats off to Woodlands for a fine performance.

Mardi Gras Semifinal: Fort Worth - 17 HARC - 13

Fort Worth jumped on the board early with a bruising try by Don Weatherby. HARC came back quickly to even it up, but Fort Worth managed to take a 12-10 lead late into the match on a 50 meter try by Mike Harvey.  A penalty kick with 2 minutes remaining gave HARC their first lead, but Josh "Playboy" Allen finished a beautiful backline move to win the match at full time.

Match 1: Fort Worth - 33 Victoria - 7

Fort Worth played a young Victoria side with a lot of heart, but Fort Worth's advantage in size and speed was too much to overcome.  The scoring opportunities by Victoria were few, but they managed a nice score late in the match to stop the shutout.


Fort Worth looks forward to one of the best rugby weekends of the year. Fort Worth will be attending for the 5th straight year, and hopes to continue its usual strong showing.

Fort Worth vs. Woodlands RFC - Fort Worth, TX - February 10, 2001

Fort Worth A - 37 Woodlands A - 34
Fort Worth B - 10 Woodlands B - 24

The rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.  In a fine rugby match, Fort Worth was able to stay ahead of Woodlands in spite of their speed, and then hold on while the inevitable Woodlands comeback was mounted.

With outstanding performances from Hennie Venter, Dan Rosen, and Alex Rylance, the Fort Worth backs played an exceptional game.  The scrums and lineouts were contentious, but ended in a draw between the clubs.

Woodlands' speed was impressive, and its easy to see why they have defeated so many Division 1 clubs recently.  See you again on March 25, Woodlands.

Fort Worth's B side put in a valiant effort, and maintained a 10-8 lead through much of the match.  The athleticism and experience of the Woodlands B side was evident as they were able to finish the match going away. The Woodlands' B side, to my knowledge, has not been defeated this year, so a 2 try loss is nothing to be ashamed of.

Fort Worth vs. Austin RFC - Fort Worth, TX - January 27, 2001

Fort Worth A - 7 Austin A - 47
Fort Worth B - 12 Austin B - 20

Fort Worth met up with a buzz saw in the Austin club.  In the middle of a great season, Austin was keen to keep up their impressive pace and solidly defeat the Division 2 National Champions. 

Austin was ahead 19-0 after less than 10 minutes, and Fort Worth finally realized they were in a rugby match against a solid opponent.  Austin scored once more late in the half to take a 24-0 lead.

In the second half, Austin again scored quickly only to see their momentum stinted again by a nice defensive effort by Fort Worth.  The wet conditions kept both teams from mounting any sustained attacks.  Austin's scores came suddenly, as they were quick to take advantage of any Fort Worth handling error.

In the last 5 minutes Fort Worth came very within inches of another score, but the stingy Austin defense held.

Fort Worth's B side had many opportunities to change the game, but Austin's B side eagerly took advantage of any problem in the Fort Worth backline. Fort Worth lead the match for long periods, but Austin finished stronger for the 20-12 victory.

Fort Worth vs. Houston Athletic R.C. - Dallas, TX - January 20, 2001

Fort Worth A - 23 H.A.R.C. A - 34
Fort Worth B - 17 H.A.R.C. B - 5

Fort Worth started quickly when Theo van Wyk dove on a dropped ball on the try zone directly after the kick-off.  Minutes later, Fort Worth scored again and HARC played catch-up for the next 70 minutes.  In the final ten, Fort Worth was threatening on HARC's goal with a score that would seem to cap-off a fine day of rugby, but a bobbled pass as kicked through and 95 meters later HARC took the lead.  HARC's talented winger scored on another long run as time expired to finish with the hat trick.

The B side played another outstanding game, defeating about 7 HARC B players combined with 8 travel-weary A side players. The 5-5 tie was broken with 20 minutes remaining on a try from Charlie Burgess.

Fort Worth vs. Dallas Harlequins - Fort Worth, TX - January 13, 2001

Fort Worth A - 0 Dallas Harlequins A - 45
Fort Worth B - 22 Dallas Harlequins B - 14

The Quins attacked with the forwards around the rucks, and never seemed to get stopped behind the gain line. Fort Worth threatened on a few occasions, but the Quins defense stiffened to seal Fort Worth's first shut-out loss in over 6 years.

Fort Worth's B side played a solid game in all phases, and out-rucked the Quins' side.   On the day, the Fort Worth B side would have easily defeated the Fort Worth A side.   Nice job, boys.


The Quins have been setting the standard for Texas rugby for years, so a match with them is always a tall order.  Fort Worth's recent rugby has been completely unrecognizable, just ask Woodlands, Austin, Dallas, or HARC.  All these clubs, including the Quins, defeated the defending second division National Champions in recent months.  Fort Worth tries to turn their season around, beginning with the Super League stalwarts from Dallas.

Fort Worth Fall 2000 Summary

First XV Cup Matches: 0 - 5
Second XV Cup Matches: 1 - 4
All Other Matches: 9 - 10

This Fall, Fort Worth RFC discovered just how difficult it is to defend a national championship. Meeting the four division 1 Texas clubs, along with rival Woodlands in the Fall, Fort Worth managed to start and finish at the bottom of the standings.

Don't ask for the reasons, for they are legion. Listing them here would be a serious abuse of our limited web space. I think the Fort Worth club in the Spring will turn it around, but what do I know?  I'm only the geek who writes for the web page.

All the scores are listed on the schedule page.  The following sentence will summarize those results:  Dallas played us relatively even but finished stronger, HARC exploited our weaknesses masterfully, the Quins tried to give us the victory but we refused to take it, after the Austin match we know what it's been like to be Denton against us in the last few years, and the Woodlands showed us what the advantages of playing together can do.

Stay tuned.

Fort Worth vs. Kansas City - Kansas City, MO - September 30, 2000

Fort Worth A - 24 Kansas City A - 47

Fort Worth's first MLR rugby match did not go as planned as the travelling squad met the solid KC club, led by the newly named Eagle, Matt Dunning.


These clubs have met only once in recent memory, in the final of the 1998 Heart of America tournament.  In that match, Kansas City used the 30 mph wind advantage to take a 10-0 lead late in the first half.  The torrential downpour and lightning storm eventually made the tournament organizers cancel the final match, declaring it a draw.

Fort Worth vs. Arlington Mavericks - Arlington, TX - September 23, 2000

Fort Worth A - 34 Arlington A - 26

Fort Worth jumped to a quick 15-0 lead, but Arlington clawed back to within 3 late in the match.  With 5 minutes remaining, Fort Worth's forwards put together an impressive display of rucking to extend the final to 34-26.

Fort Worth B - 26 Arlington B - 14

Alex Rylance continued his impressive kicking, converting 6 of 7.  Jason Mackey touched down twice to complete the scoring for Fort Worth.


The 2000 Cowtown Open Division Champions, the Arlington Mavericks, are preparing an ambush for the 2000 USA Rugby Division 2 National Champions. Arlington will be the first of many clubs to attempt to put Fort Worth in its place with hard running, hard tackling, and hopefully hard drinking afterwards.

The 2 matches kick off at 2:00 at Corsair Park in Grand Prairie.  For more information, visit Arlington's web site at

2000 Aspen Ruggerfest - Aspen, CO - September 15-17, 2000

Fort Worth RFC goes 2-2 in Aspen

by John Via

Fort Worth RFC had a respectable performance for their first trip to Aspen and finished in 7th place with the plate consolation. Fort Worth RFC started out with a dominating performance over Kansas Jayhawks (MLR) 28-8 which featured a great kicking performance by Alex Rylance and exceptional forward play as Fort Worth dominated the scrum and lineouts. Quote of the match, mid-way through the second half by an un-identified Kansas forward waiting for a scrum "you guys must eat a lot of steak".

The second match was a different story, as Boulder RFC (1999 MLR Champions) introduced Fort Worth to life in the big leagues with a 32-12 defeat. Highlight of the match for Fort Worth was Mike Harvey sprinting down to cover a kick, slapping the ball out of the hands of the Boulder wing, collecting it and high stepping into the try zone for a try. Fort Worth lost the plate semi-final match to the ERRFU Select Side 28-13, and collected a forfeit win vs. the Provo Steelers who had been kicked out of the tournament.

Overall, Fort Worth's first visit to Aspen was both fun and an educational experience. Aspen did an excellent job running the tournament and we hope to return again next year.

The Old boys lost both their games but had a great time. Fort Worth lost to the California Bald Eagles (which included several ex-US Eagles) 34-19 and later to 25-5 vs. Fat Elvis. Ron Prowell, Kevin Pierce and John Via made their debut appearance with the SCFA Clowns on Sunday and defeated Fat Elvis 13-8 in overtime.

2000 Cowtown Kickoff Classic - Fort Worth - September 10-11, 2000

Fort Worth goes 1-2, taking 5th place in the Premier Division

Fort Worth started strong, jumping to a 10-0 lead against the Dallas Harlequins in the first match.  Dallas came back with 2 quick tries before the half to lead 14-10 at the break.

The second half saw more scores from the Quins, who took the match 26-10.

Later in the day, Fort Worth jumped to another quick lead on HARC 5-0, only to eventually fall 15-5.

In the 5th place match, Fort Worth took it to the travel/beer/heat weary Austin Huns with a convincing victory.  The Huns led the charge on the Pub Crawl, though, leading all 500 participants through 6 pubs in 6 hours.

10 Fort Worth players received time on the 2000 Cowtown Premier Champions. the TRU Division 2 Select Side. The TRU Selects went 4-0, each victory more convincing than the last.


Fort Worth finished the 1999 Cowtown with a wimper, losing the consolation final to Woodlands 29-0.  Fort Worth hopes to make a better showing in the 2000 Cowtown, which will feature 24 clubs from around the region.



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