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2001-2002 Match Results

Western Rugby Football Union Championships

April 26-28, 2002 - Fort Worth

Western Championship Quarterfinal

Fort Worth - 10 vs. St. Louis Bombers - 18

Western Championship Match 2

Fort Worth - 24 vs. El Paso Scorpions - 19


Fort Worth took fifth place in the Westerns after a close loss to the defending Western Champions, the Bombers.  The match was 11-10 until full time when the Bombers picked off a pass while Fort Worth was aggressively pressing their line.  Al Christian scored Fort Worth's try, while Keith Winton kicked a penalty and conversion.

On Day 2, Fort Worth overcame a weak defensive effort to defeat the El Paso Scorpions.  Try scorers were Mike Harvey, Theo Van Wyk, and Bots Hulen.

Texas Rugby Union Championships

April 6-7, 2002 - Galveston

Texas Championship Semi-Final

Fort Worth - 14 vs. Austin - 31

Texas Championship Third Place

Fort Worth - 39 vs. Houston Athletic - 7


Fort Worth meets Austin in the Division I semifinal, while Woodlands meets Houston Athletic in the other.

Fort Worth's B side did not qualify for the Texas Championship.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Austin RFC - Saturday, March 23, 2002 - Hallmark Park, Fort Worth

Fort Worth A - 10 Austin Blacks - 15

Austin pounced quickly, with a try within the first minute with a stiff wind at their backs.  Fort Worth rebounded with most of the possession in the half, finally converting a try from A.J. De Jager with 10 minutes remaining for a 7-7 halftime score.

In the second half, Fort Worth took a 10-7 lead after 5 minutes on a penalty by Keith Winton.

Austin consolidated their play and converted many long possessions into a try and 12-10 lead with 15 minutes remaining.  An additional penalty kick late in the match gave Austin the 15-10 victory.

Fort Worth B - 5 Austin Golds - 31

The Golds jumped out to a big 26-0 lead at the half, and cruised through the second half for the victory.  Fort Worth's Jorge Valenzuela scored their only try midway in the second half.


Austin has rolled to a 10-1 cup season, with their single loss being a close match against the Super League Dallas Harlequins.  In early October the Blacks ran over a thin Fort Worth traveling squad by 60 points. The match kicks off at 2:00 PM when Fort Worth will try to make a better showing against the top Division 1 club in the southwest.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Woodford Fifths - Sunday, March 17, 2002 - Fort Worth

Fort Worth Pedestrians - 19 Woodford Fifths - 30

Woodford jumped to an early one-try lead before the Pedestrians got their game in order.  The second 20-minute quarter saw the Fort Worth boys run in three tries to threaten a route.  However, the second 40 minutes was a different story as Woodford controlled the ball and the territory and ran in 4 tries to take the victory..

Fort Worth RFC vs. San Antonio - Saturday, March 16, 2002 - San Antonio

Fort Worth A - 31 San Antonio A - 11

Fort Worth controlled the match from the start and shocked the Matalos, who were clearly expecting a repeat of the previous match in Fort Worth.  The Cowtown boys would have none of it, and overcome numerous minor errors to cruise to victory.

San Antonio seemed off their game, but still look ready to make a solid run in the post-season in Division II.  

Fort Worth B - 29 San Antonio B - 15

Warren Tucker scored three tries and Aaron Dalrymple and Matt Butler added one each as the Fort Worth seconds finished what the firsts started.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Houston Athletic - Saturday, March 9, 2002 - Houston

Fort Worth A - 37 HARC A - 7

Fort Worth started hard and fast and their new faces clearly raised the club's level of play. The club's high energy level was complimented by some extremely clutch kicks from the back three. The solid defense held until the end when HARC put together numerous attempts at Fort Worth's line finally yielding a try from their flanker.

Fort Worth B - 22 HARC B - 5

Warren Tucker scored three tries in the first 15 minutes, including a push-over scrum that took a half-dozen attempts. HARC's defense adjusted and allowed only one more try from the seconds.


Fort Worth travels to play on Houston's new pitch for the first time.  Houston stunned Fort Worth with a 53-5 win on Fort Worth's pitch in December. See HARC's web site for more details.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Austin Huns - Saturday, March 2, 2002 - Gateway Park, Fort Worth

Fort Worth A - 87  "Huns" A - 0

The 12 Huns showed a great deal of courage to demand a match in 33 degree temperatures, 7 degree wind chills, and on an icy pitch.  Borrowing three players, they came up short on a number of possible scores in spite of their efforts.  Fort Worth played with a lot of energy once the Huns shamed them into playing in the frigid conditions.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Arlington Mavericks - Saturday, February 23, 2002 - Gateway Park, Fort Worth

Fort Worth A - 17 Arlington A - 19
Fort Worth B - 14 Arlington B - 0

Fort Worth RFC vs. Dallas Harlequins - Saturday, February 16, 2002 - Gateway Park, Fort Worth

Fort Worth A - 5 Harlequins A - 109
Fort Worth B - 0 Harlequins B - 62

Disaster strikes Fort Worth as a local power outage causes the entire club to oversleep and miss the matches.  One player arrived to take the Quins kickoff at full time and managed to single-handedly beat all 15 Quins and score in the corner for the lone Fort Worth try.


A side match kicks off at 2:00, with the B side following at 3:30 at Gateway Park in Fort Worth.  (Glencoe Park is still undergoing renovations.)

Fort Worth RFC vs. Woodlands RFC - Saturday, January 26, 2002 - Gateway Park, Fort Worth

Fort Worth A - 7 Woodlands A - 15

It wasn't the 2001 National Semifinal, where both clubs were playing at the top of their games, but each club played with the a level of intensity befitting former National Champions.

Fort Worth struck first with a converted try from flyhalf Richard Stransom at 15 minutes, but Woodlands struck back 5 minutes later with an unconverted try of their own. The Fort Worth 7-5 lead held to the half.

Woodlands scored two more unconverted tries late in the second half, despite Fort Worth holding a large territorial and possession advantage in the half.

Fort Worth B - 15 Woodlands B - 17

Fort Worth started quickly with 2 tries, and managed to hold a slight 10-7 lead at halfway.  Woodlands steadily came back with long series of possessions, and held on at the end for a win by a conversion.

Referee John McConnell earned the ironman award for a good performance as referee in both matches on the day.  


Match-up of the past 2 Division II National Champions. First XV Match kicks off at 2:00 at Gateway Park.

Fort Worth RFC vs. San Antonio RFC - Saturday, January 19, 2002 - Gateway Park, Fort Worth

Fort Worth A - 14 San Antonio A - 31
Fort Worth B - 32 San Antonio B - 14

Fort Worth RFC vs. Dallas RFC - Saturday, January 12, 2002 - Lake Highlands Park, Dallas

Fort Worth A - 7 Dallas A - 48
Fort Worth B - 12 Dallas B - 41


In the first match of the series in the Fall, Dallas used its experience to win the match with smart rugby.  The challenge for Fort Worth will be to overcome a number of missing starters, and keep Dallas from repeating their first performance.  The first match will kick off at 2:00 in Dallas.

Fort Worth RFC vs. San Antonio RFC - Saturday, December 15, 2001 - San Antonio

Matches cancelled by referee due to flooded pitch.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Houston Athletic - Saturday, December 8, 2001 - Gateway Park, Fort Worth

Fort Worth A - 5 Houston Athletic A - 53
Fort Worth B -  Houston Athletic B - 


Houston Athletic and Fort Worth have played some memorable matches, mostly at the Galveston Mardi Gras tournament.  Last season, Houston took the cup matches with a blowout at home, and with a last second victory in Dallas.  The first XV kick off at 2:00 PM, with the second XV following at 3:30 at Gateway Park.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Dallas Harlequins - Saturday, November 17, 2001 - Gateway Park, Fort Worth

Fort Worth A - 10 Harlequins A - 54

The Quins extended a 28-5 halftime lead to a 54-10 victory in a sloppy match in Fort Worth.  Fort Worth at times made some solid defensive stands, but were unable to get any real offense going.  Colin Trudo stole a quick Quin lineout in the first half for a try, and Mike Harvey ran in another long solo try the first time he got the ball with any space.

Fort Worth B - More Harlequins B - Less

Fort Worth welcomed back some old stalwarts who won the match with hard running and smart rugby.  The Quins took advantage of a few Fort Worth handling errors, using their speed and fitness to score their tries.  The Quins took a 2 point lead with 12 minutes remaining, but Mike Harvey single-handedly scored an 80 meter try to give Fort Worth a 5 point victory.


The Dallas Harlequins of the USA Rugby Super League travel to Fort Worth for two matches.  The Quins have been dominating Texas Rugby and the boys from Cowtown will have their hands full.  The A side match kicks off at 2:00 and the B side kicks off at 3:30.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Woodlands - Saturday, November 10, 2001 - Woodlands

Fort Worth A - 5 Woodlands A - 52

Fort Worth B - 3 Woodlands B - 32


This battle will feature the past two Division II USA National Champions.  In 2000, Fort Worth escaped with a three point victory over Woodlands in the Western USA Championship, while in 2001 Woodlands escaped with a three point victory in the National Semifinal. This year both clubs have jumped to Division I, with Woodlands seeing early success while Fort Worth is struggling.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Austin RFC - Saturday, October 13, 2001 - Burr Field, Austin

Fort Worth A - 17 Austin Blacks - 77

Ah yes.  Autumn has arrived in Texas.  The weather is mild, the leaves are beginning to fall, High School football is in full swing, and Fort Worth RFC can't travel beyond the county line.  Austin had the party ready early as requested by the visitors, had the pitch mowed and marked and the gate open, but the guests of honor failed to bring the personnel to give them a good match.

Austin started with their usual fast game, showing their underrated team speed and impressive handling skills.  Against the 14 braves from Fort Worth, the home side punched in tries on three of their first four possessions, never caught once behind their gain line. Fort Worth's 15th man arrived, but it did little to stop the hemorrhaging in the visitor's defense.

With the wind advantage Austin rolled up 60 points in the half, while Fort Worth managed a lone try by winger Mike Harvey.

After the break and gaining the wind, the boys from Cowtown settled to a more solid game, keeping possession for long periods, and finally forcing a few errors from their opponent. Mike Harvey scored another solo try, and chased many an Austin player down before they could cross the line.

Flanker Thad Hill caused a penalty try when he was obstructed in the try zone while chasing down a kick, which finished the scoring for Fort Worth.

Fly-half Richard Stransom provided the conversion on the first try.  Richard had a fine day of rugby, handling Fort Worth's kicking functions and cementing together the horde called the backline.

Fort Worth B - 12 Austin Golds - 17

With two players leaving directly after the match for a wedding in Fort Worth, Fort Worth used prop "Rusty" from Austin to fill in the B side. Austin graciously reduced the length of the match, and all were satisfied.

Scorers for Fort Worth were Charlie Burgess and Mike Harvey.


Austin ended the 2001 season with a Texas Championship and a place in the USA Rugby Division 1 National Quarterfinals, while Fort Worth polished off years of Division 2 dominance with a fourth place finish in the second division. This Saturday, after years of playing friendlies and pseudo-cup matches, the clubs will meet once again under the auspices of Texas's Division 1. Austin has started in good form with a solid victory over San Antonio, while Fort Worth's loss to Dallas RFC shows they are struggling to meet the demands of Division 1 rugby. The match will be played in Austin at 12:00 NOON and 1:30 at Burr Field.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Dallas RFC - Sunday, October 7, 2001 - Gateway Park, Fort Worth

Fort Worth A - 27 Dallas RFC A - 43

Dallas's years of Division 1 rugby proved invaluable as they were quick to take advantage of Fort Worth's mistakes. Fort Worth's old habits of mistakes and easy recoveries will prove to be problematic as they play a full slate of top level rugby this season.

The match was a stalemate until Dallas began to methodically put up scores beginning midway through the first half. Fort Worth slowly battled back to tie the match 22-22 in the second half, when Dallas's kicker began to put the match out of reach with three straight clutch penalty kicks. Two late tries by Dallas and one by Fort Worth finished the scoring for the clubs.

Fort Worth B - 0 Dallas RFC B - 49

Dallas had a definite advantage in experience in this match, as they took apart the disorganized Fort Worth defense. After a blistering first half, the clubs settled to a more even game. Fort Worth worked the ball down close on a few occasions, but was unable to cross the line, while Dallas managed a single additional try.


In recent years, Fort Worth and Dallas have played some very memorable matches, as the rivalry has slowly returned to the intensity of seasons past. This year, the clubs' roles are reversed, as Dallas plays all the Division 1 Texas clubs and advances to the Division 2 playoffs, while Fort Worth has returned to Division 1 after a decade hiatus. The matches kick off at 2:00 PM at Gateway Park.

Fort Worth RFC vs. Atlanta Renegades - Saturday, October 6, 2001 - Lake Highlands, Dallas

Fort Worth MLR XV - L Atlanta Renegades MLR XV - W

Fort Worth was unable to overcome their numerous handling and defensive mistakes, and Atlanta was quick to take advantage of both. Fort Worth manufactured a few good scores, and Mike Harvey kept them in the game with two outstanding tries, but it was not enough. Overall, Atlanta played a more cohesive game and their inside center scored 3 tries to lead them to MLR victory.


The Atlanta Renegades hosted Fort Worth's Magnificent XI Traveling Squad in March, and escaped with a 10-7 victory in the sloppy Atlanta conditions. Atlanta will travel with a complete side, and promise to give Fort Worth all they can handle. Due to a scheduling problem with Fort Worth's home pitch, the match will be played in Dallas at 2:00 at Lake Highlands Park.

2001 Cowtown Kickoff Classic - Fort Worth - September 8-9, 2001

The 2001 Cowtown Kickoff Classic featured 26 teams from all over the American Southwest competing for the coveted title of "Cowtown Champions". This year, the Dallas Harlequins, Texas A&M University, San Angelo State University, and the Austin Valkyries added their names to this illustrious group of champions. For a complete summary, visit the tournament page.

Fort Worth RFC Results:

To ensure all clubs played their guaranteed 3 matches, Fort Worth entered 2 sides in the tournament. Struggling with injuries, retirements, and prior commitments, the club had difficulty filling both sides, and many players saw time in 4 or 5 matches on the day. That aside, there were some fine moments of rugby, and Fort Worth's sizeable rookie class was nothing if not impressive on the day.

The Fort Worth Longhorns fought to a 2-1 record on the first day, with hard-earned victories over Shreveport and the Austin Huns, and a loss to Dallas RFC. The Brahmas side lost a close match with Denton, and then were run over by the Harlequins. In the final match, the Brahmas held their own against a good Arlington team, only losing in the final minutes.

On Sunday, Fort Worth scratched together a side the included players from TCU and Baylor, to ensure the Quins would get their semi-final match. The Quins were firing on all cylinders, and easily ran up the score on the young Fort Worth side. The highlight of the match for Fort Worth was an ardent two-minute possession late in the second half, that inevitably ended in a Quin try.


The 2001 Cowtown promises to be the best ever.  See the Cowtown Information page for all the latest.



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