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1999 Ugly American Tour - Pictures

p0000126_t.jpg (4329 bytes) Touring the Tower of London on October 29.
p0000127_t.jpg (3568 bytes) An interesting building at the Tower of London.
p0000135_t.jpg (3227 bytes) The Americans strike fear in the heart of the Brits, when they show they can spell.
p0000141_t.jpg (2989 bytes) Match vs. Old Tottonions in Southampton.  Ron Prowell takes it from the base of the scrum and rumbles down the pitch.  Ron earned Man of the Match honors in Cowtown's 34-17 loss.
p0000145_t.jpg (3126 bytes) Rooster van der Flapperbotsen dives over the ball.
p0000165_t.jpg (3400 bytes) Cowtown United and the Old Tottonions on October 30.
p0000222_t.jpg (3938 bytes) Justin Marshall (All Blacks Scrum Half), Skip Miles, Taine Randell (All Blacks Captain), Ron Prowell, Dan Morgan
p0000223_t.jpg (3733 bytes) Justin Marshall (All Blacks Scrum Half), Bots Hulen, Taine Randell (All Blacks Captain)
p0000224_t.jpg (4437 bytes) Mike Tatum, Ron Prowell, Skip Miles, Daryl Gibson (All Blacks Center), Reuben Thorne (All Blacks Flanker), Pita Alatina (All Blacks Center), Dan Morgan, Trey Buck, Bots Hulen
p0000239_t.jpg (4994 bytes) Dan Morgan, Skip Miles, Bots Hulen, Ron Prowell, Pieter Roussow (Springbok Wing).
ex000001_t.jpg (3836 bytes) A view of the ancient Roman Baths in Bath, England.
ex000010_t.jpg (3611 bytes) A view of the ancient Roman Baths in Bath, England.
p0000279_t.jpg (7455 bytes) A view of the Abbey in Bath, England.  This Abbey just celebrated its 500th year.  It is the third Abbey to be built on this spot, and is built on the site where the temple to Minerva stood during Roman times.
p0000303_t.jpg (4030 bytes) The All Blacks doing the Haka before the match.  The Springboks were not intimidated and went on to trounce the All Blacks 22-18.
p0000319_t.jpg (3725 bytes) All Blacks set a ruck near our seats in the 13th row.
p0000335_t.jpg (3782 bytes) Rick Dell makes a break against the Cardiff Saracens.  Ron Prowell scores for Fort Worth moments later, after a few phases from the forwards.
p0000344_t.jpg (3302 bytes) A scrum down near Fort Worth's goal.  The Saracens try to stand up the front row to stop the drive.
p0000390_t.jpg (3614 bytes) Darrin Barner wins the egg eating contest at the Saracens' clubhouse.   Here he chews a raw egg (shell and all), and moments later, downs a glass filled with two more raw eggs.
p0000437_t.jpg (3477 bytes) Dan Morgan standing in front of the area where the rope bridge normally is.   The bridge had been taken down for the winter, but the view from the bluffs was tremendous, anyway.
p0000444_t.jpg (3534 bytes) Dan Morgan, Skip Miles, Jeff Kimber, Jolene Morton, Ron Prowell, Trey Buck, Rick Dell.
p0000468_t.jpg (4679 bytes) The tour of the Bushmills brewery ended here in their pub.
p0000468_t.jpg (4679 bytes) The trophy won by Dromore RFC at the Cowtown Invitational on their 1980's tour to Texas. This trophy is hung in one of the most prestigious places in their entire clubhouse, over the entrance to their pub.
p0000487_t.jpg (3580 bytes) Alec Morton presents a plaque and memento to Keith Dalton.  Alec served as tour director in Dromore's 1998 Texas tour, while Keith is the director of Cowtown's current tour.



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