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1999 Ugly American Tour - Match Results

Cowtown United vs. Old Tottonions 3rd XV - Southampton Enland - October 30, 1999

Cowtown - 17  Old Tottonions - 34

Cowtown started the match on a tear, banging with the forwards and keeping the Totts under constant pressure in their end.  However, despite their efforts, they were unable to finish off a number of scoring opportunities.  After 20 minutes of scoreless rugby, the Tottonians took advantage of a spat of bad tackling and dove across for a try.  Former Fort Worth player Guy Tonkins led everything for the Totts, and set up another try shortly before halftime, to give them a 14-0 lead.

In the second half, Fort Worth felt confident of victory, due to gaining the wind advantage.  However, the Totts quickly dispelled those illusions as Tonks set up two quick tries.  Losing 24-0, Cowtown began to put it together, scoring 3 tries to make it 24-17. However, Tonks took the ball up hard and set up 2 tries to secure a 34-17 Tottonians victory.

Try scorers for Cowtown were Rick Dell, who had a solid game despite one pitiful 3 meter kickoff (which Tonks scored on), Trey Buck, and Skip Miles.

After the match, Cowtown and the Tottonians watched the South Africa vs. Australia world cup semifinal in the Totts' club house.  Tonks and the Tottonians were gracious hosts and fun was had by all. In the clubhouse, the Totts named Ron "C.T." Prowell man of the match.

Cowtown United vs. Cardiff Saracens - Cardiff, Wales - November 6, 1999

Cowtown - 10  Saracens - 22

The weather was nice with lots of sun, but the wind was howling across the pitch for the entire match. Each team would see a decided wind advantage in one of their halves.

The Saracens elected to take the wind in the first half, and took advantage with some long kicks. They played more than a simple kicking game, though, and ran a few from deep in their end.  Despite the Saracens prowess running the ball wide, Cowtown United kept them at bay by stealing the ball in a number of their scrum-downs, and with some nice tackling in the backs by Rick Dell and Trey Buck.

The game started wild, with both teams making it deep into the territory of the other, with only a staunch defensive effort from each side keeping the score at 0.   However, the Saracens finally succeeded at running on Cowtown United midway through the first half, as their winger touched down in the corner. Near the end of the first half, the Saracens did a repeat of their first score, to take a 10-0 lead into halftime.

In the second half, Cowtown United gained the wind advantage, but were not able to use it at first. The Saracens were able to cross the line from a penalty play spun wide to their backs. It looked like Cowtown United had pinned them at the gain line, only to have a quick pass popped to their inside center who charged in to make it 15-0.

After this score the momentum was to swing Cowtown United's way for the rest of the match.  Cowtown United pinned the Saracens in their end, and came within inches of scores time after time.  Finally, midway through the half, Ron Prowell crossed the line from a ruck, and Cowtown United had closed the gap to 15-5.

Late in the game Cowtown United scored again from a maul set from a line out.  Mark Hughen took the line-out ball at two, and the maul was driven close the the goal line.  Darrin Barner spun off the side and dove at the corner to make the score 15-10.

With three minutes remaining, Cowtown United geared up for a final push for a win.  However, the Saracens talented inside center took the ball from a pass from a scrum at halfway and broke through the line for a score under the posts.  The final whistle blew with Cowtown United falling 22-10.

Cowtown United vs. Dromore RFC Socials - Dromore, Northern Ireland - November 9, 1999

Cowtown - 13  Dromore - 19

By this stage of the tour, the fatigue for Cowtown had definitely set in.   A steady stream of late nights, strong pints, and travel had taken their toll as the entire squad was continually coughing and wheezing. As a result of this and the late start to the match (7:20 PM), Dromore agreed to play a match with 30 minute halves. Unfortunately, no on bothered to tell the referee this, and the match ended up being a full 80 minutes.

Having lost two players who traveled home early, as well as one that was very sick, Cowtown was down to 14 players, with 10 of them forwards. The squad had met a former SW Texas player named Brandon ("pig pen") on the ferry over, which brought the squad back up to 15.  Rooster reluctantly agreed to play at inside center instead of in the pack, and Cowtown stepped on the field.

Dromore had twice toured Texas in the past years.  In the early 80's they left the state without a loss, and even defeated the top team, the Dallas Harlequins in the Cowtown Invitational. In 1998, they were less successful, taking a travelling squad that included a mix of their players from all of their 5 sides. Fort Worth played their best 15 and squeaked out a 12-11 victory over Dromore in August 1998.

Graciously, Dromore played a social side that included only members of the club who had toured Texas, instead of their first XV.

The pitch was was well lit, but there was a heavy fog and smoke from the chimneys of nearby homes that gave it the surreal look that is very enjoyable to play in.

The first half saw Dromore hold a steady territorial and possession advantage.  Dromore missed a number of opportunities that could have been scores, had the ball not been so wet from the heavy dew on the pitch. Finally they were able to spin the ball wide and keep the ball alive, punching in 2 tries near the end of the half. Cowtown was able to punch in one try in the first half as well. The forwards won a lineout at 5 meters and drove the ball quickly over the line. Jeff Kimber touched the ball down, and with a penalty kick from Rick Dell, the score was 12-8 at halftime.

In the second half, Dromore's backs once again punched in a try under the posts and took the score to 19-8.  However, Cowtown forwards had had great success with tight bangers and rucks.  Cowtown's final score was from one of these.

Rick Dell popped a kick from his 10 meter line, and flew down the field and caught it on the run.  After he was tackled, the backs rucked over and spun it wide again.  Rooster took it a few meters, and after the ensuing ruck the forwards took over. A few quick bangers later, Ron Prowell had the ball over the line and the score stood at 19-13. Later in the match the forwards would once again have the ball within meters of a winning try, but Dromore's defense was solid close to their line, and the final whistle was blown.


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