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Extreme Pest Management, Inc.
Full service pest control - commercial or residential.
Alan `Skip` Miles
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Archived: Goodies

logogrey.gif (28 K) A nice Windows wallpaper for the true Fort Worth RFC fan. In Windows 95 or later, right click on the image, and select "Set as Wallpaper". If you're still on Windows 3.1, or you use a MacIncrap, get a life.
rugbyskull.gif (3 K) This can also be set as your Windows background, but works best when it's a single image in the center of your desktop. Set the surrounding desktop color to an RGB value of 0,50,0 (Red=0, Green=50, Blue=0).
fwheader.jpg (8 K)
The Banner title of most web pages. Looks great on word docs, web pages, etc. The font is "Viner Hand ITC"
contentsbg.gif (1 K) The background image for the "Contents" frame.
fwrfc.gif (37 K) Our spinning logo as designed by Jim Ginn. Jim is an expert when it comes to images and image formats. To fit such a complicated animated GIF into a mere 37 K shows his superior expertise.
mainheader.gif (4 K)
An alternative banner title for web pages. Looks great on word docs, web pages, etc. The font is "IMPACT"
cowtownheader.jpg (15 K)
Another banner title.
cowtownheader2.jpg (19 K)
Another banner title.
estlogo.gif (9 K)
An alternate logo with the year the club was established.
fwlogo.jpg (15 K) Our official Fort Worth Rugby Football Club Logo.

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Extreme Pest Management, Inc.
Alan `Skipper` Miles

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