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1999 Division II Western Championship
Omaha, NE - April 23-25, 1999

1. Woodlands 45
(Texas - 1)
Friday Woodlands 25
Field 2, 2:00 PM
8. Sioux Falls Crow  6
(Great Plains - 1)

Woodlands 53

Field 1, 2:30 PM


4. NM Highlands Noshows  0
(Rio Grande - 1)
Friday Colorado Springs 3
Field 1, 2:00 PM
5. Colorado Springs  1
(Eastern Rockies - 1) Woodlands
Sunday 1999 Western RFU
Field 1, 12:00 PM Champion
2. San Antonio   22
(Texas - 2)
Friday San Antonio 13
Field 2, 3:30 PM
7. Fort Worth   18
(Texas - 3)

Springfield MO 18

Field 2, 2:30 PM


3. St Louis Royals 13
(Missouri - 1)
Friday Springfield MO 16
Field 1, 3:30 PM
6. Springfield MO 55
(Heart of America - 1)


The 1999 Western Championship, like all its predecessors, promises to be an event full of surprises. This may seem surprising in itself since one club has been the dominant force in the past three years, Fort Worth RFC.  Each championship, however, has been harder to come by for the boys from Cowtown.

This year Fort Worth enters as the Texas-3 seed, after losing in the Texas RU semifinal to the spirited Woodlands side. Woodlands went on to defeat San Antonio to claim the Texas-1 seed. Entering as the Texas-3 seed is somewhat fitting, since Fort Worth will be the beneficiaries of their own Western dominance from the last three years (which earned the third seed for Texas).

The Texas contingent will be the strongest ever sent from our local union, as Fort Worth, Woodlands,  and San Antonio enter with outstanding credentials. Woodlands has not lost in Texas cup competition this year, San Antonio has only one loss (to Woodlands), and Fort Worth has only one loss and one tie to blemish its record.

The tournament begins with a fantastic match on the first day, pitting 3-time champion Fort Worth against the young upstart side from San Antonio.

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