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This week: 0 scheduled club events

2017 Cowtown 7`s Tournament on July 22 at Gateway Park.

2017 Cowtown 7`s Tournament on July 22 at Gateway Park.






2014/2015 Men`s 15`s Rugby Season - Practice Has Begun!

The Fort Worth Rugby Club holds regular Tuesday and Thursday training sessions at Gateway Park at 7:00pm.

Like Fort Worth Rugby on Facebook to get training and event updates.

This season Fort Worth is fielding two 15`s sides that will compete in Texas Rugby Union`s Division 2 (A and B sides).

NOW RECRUITING/NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: Fort Worth is actively recruiting for the 2014-2015 rugby season for our Men`s Club sides. To find out more, simply show up and introduce yourself at the next rugby practice. Also, please send us information about yourself, and you will receive a free DVD at your first training session. This is an excellent time to introduce yourself to the sport and to the Fort Worth Rugby Club.

Update: 2014/2015 (Tentative) Match Schedule has been released HERE.


Fort Worth Rugby Club Sponsors

Please click on one of the logos above to find out more about our excellent sponsors. For information on sponsorship opportunities for the 2013-2014 season, contact one of the club officers.


Summer 2014 - Men`s 7`s Rugby Training and Social/Touch Rugby - Every Tuesday and Thursday

Men`s Club 7`s Training - Tuesday and Thursday at Gateway Park from 7:00pm-8:30pm.
This summer Fort Worth will field competitive 7`s sides in a number of 7`s rugby competitions. For some events, these will be split into an experienced side and a developmental side. Current Fort Worth coach Teshay Flowers will be the player/coach for these sides. Potential 7`s players interested in playing for one of these sides should contact one of these club members for information.

Social Touch Rugby - Tuesday and Thursday at Gateway Park from 7:00pm-8:30pm.
Fort Worth plays social/touch rugby during the Summer. This is a great format for new players interested in finding out about Fort Worth Rugby. These sessions are usually a mix of active players, high school players, and old boys.

NOW RECRUITING/NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: Fort Worth is actively recruiting for the 2013-2014 rugby 15`s season for our Men`s Club sides. Fort Worth competes in both USA Division 1 (our "A" side) and USA Division 3 (our "B" side).

Interested? To find out more, simply show up and introduce yourself at the next touch rugby session. Also, please send us information about yourself, and you will receive a free DVD at your first training session.Summer Touch Rugby is an excellent time to introduce yourself to the sport and to the Fort Worth Rugby Club, and also to learn some basics of the flow of the game.


Recent Events

Guests of honor at the recent Fort Worth Rugby Club Pig Roast and Crawfish Boil


Saturday, March 2, 2013: Fort Worth Old Boy Reunion - Gateway Park and Poag Mahone`s

2:00PM and 3:30PM - matches at Gateway Park, food and beer provided.
6:00PM - Poag Mahone`s - 700 Carroll Street - Fort Worth (across from Montgomery Ward Plaza, but DO NOT park at Montgomery Ward Plaza.)


1. The Club is buying a keg of Guinness and a keg of lager for the Old Boys at Poag`s
2. Joe Kelly is organizing a Old Boys Match. If you wish to play email Joe:
3. Chance Snow has offered to organize a golf game before the matches at Meadowbrook Golf course. Email:
4. Lucien Clark is trying to track down all the MIA`s, if you can help, email him at
5. Please forward this information and a hearty invitation to anyone that would be interested.
- Mark Mowery


Fort Worth Rugby Football Club`s First USA Eagle, Jay Hanson, says Hello

Response to Mark Mowery`s email about Fort Worth Rugby Club Old Boy Reunion...


Yes, I did start to play rugby with the Ft. Worth Rugby Club in 1972 while I attended TCU. It was in Ft. Worth that I learned some of the traditional Rugby songs and embraced the rugby club culture. I loved it and had a great time. I became addicted to rugby and spent many years focused on rugby far and above anything else. When I returned to the Washington DC area after TCU I played for the Washington Rugby Club and was selected to play for the Eastern Rugby Union in a game vs France in 1976 and was then selected to join the newly formed USA Eagles squad. I played with the USA Eagles until 1985 and toured England, Australia and Japan and took side trips to South Africa in 1982 and played a season in New Zealand in 1980.

I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1976 to play where the best rugby was in the USA and I hooked up with San Francisco Rugby Club. San Francisco rugby club merged with Golden Gate Rugby club a number of years ago and is now a national rugby power as San Francisco Golden Gate. I still go there to visit and watch special events. But, I moved out of San Francisco in 1995 and moved up into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the town of Grass Valley. In 2007-2008 I helped put together a new Rugby Club which we call Sierra Foothills Rugby Club and this season we have teams playing from Under 10 all the way up to senior men`s as well as both boys and girls high school teams. The growth in Youth Rugby is fantastic and the families really love it.

And it all started for me in Texas...with the Ft. Worth Rugby Club. I remember Lucien Clark and Loy Raupe very well. I think Loy was a fireman and played fly half. He had a wonderful sense of humor and was a ton of fun. Lucien was a Bull in a China shop but later on, once I started to play in the front row as a hooker, I became enlightened and have grown in understanding and appreciate of what wonderful people props can be. It is all part of the front row code.

I really doubt that I will make the event this time in Ft. Worth but please keep me in the loop and put me on your mailing list. I would love to hear from or about any of the older guys from back in the time I was there in Ft. Worth.

I have included a photo from SI - 1977 USA Eagles VS England at Twickingham.

Jay Hanson at Hooker vs. England

Thank You,
Jay Hanson
Grass Valley, CA
Feb 11, 2013


Cowtown 15`s Rugby Tournament - October 6 - Gateway Park, Fort Worth

Saturday, October 6 at Gateway Park - All Day

Men`s Clubs, Women`s Clubs, and Collegiate Men`s Clubs

*** Complete details on the 2012 Cowtown 15`s Rugby Tournament are available here. ***

Update: The Fort Worth Rugby Club would like to thank the Texas referees, the City of Fort Worth PACS, and all the clubs, players, and fans that attended the 2012 Cowtown Tournament!


Saturday, March 3: Gene Trussell`s Photos from Fort Worth vs. Dallas Harlequins

Link to


Saturday, February 18: Fort Worth at the Austin RFC Blacks (D1) and Golds (D3) Texas Rugby Union Cup Matches

Saturday 2/18 2:00pm Burr Field Fort Worth Green (D3) travels to play the Austin RFC Golds in a TRU D3 cup match.

Saturday 2/4 3:30pm Burr Field Fort Worth Gold (D1) travels to play the Austin RFC Blacks in a TRU Division 1 cup match.


Saturday, February 4: Fort Worth at the Dallas Harlequins in Division 1 and Division 3 Cup Matches

Saturday 2/4 2:00pm Glencoe Park Fort Worth Green (D3) travels to play the Dallas Harlequins second side in a TRU D3 cup match.

Saturday 2/4 3:30pm Glencoe Park Fort Worth Gold (D1) travels to play the Dallas Harlequins in a TRU cup match.


Saturday, January 28: Fort Worth hosts Dallas RFC in Division 1 and Division 3 Cup Matches

Saturday 1/28 2:00pm Fort Worth Green (D3) hosts the Dallas RFC second side in a TRU D3 cup match.

Saturday 1/28 3:30pm Fort Worth Gold (D1) hosts the Dallas RFC in a TRU cup match. Fort Worth hopes to build on their solid win last week against the Austin Huns.

Update: Fort Worth Green played a solid match, lead by three tries from fullback Pulu, to defeat the Dallas D3 side 20-5. Fort Worth Gold lost a wild match against the Dallas D1 side. After clawing their way to a lead late in the match, a try on the final play of the match gave Dallas the 34-29 win.


Saturday, December 17: Fort Worth traveled to Houston to face HARC in Division 1 and Division 3 Cup Matches

Saturday 12/17 Fort Worth Gold (D1) traveled to the new HASP sports complex in Houston to face HARC in a Texas Rugby Union division 1 cup match. Houston started with a lot of energy and put Fort Worth on the back foot early. Midway through the half, Fort Worth sent a kick deep into Houston`s end. Flyer John Texeira outran everyone and seemed to score a potentially game-tying try, but unfortunately the referee was not close enough to see it. Fort Worth was awarded a 5 meter scrum, but a Houston defensive surge kept Fort Worth from scoring. Both of Houston`s opportunities resulted in tries that were easy to see from any position on the pitch, which left the halftime score 14-0 in their favor.

In the second half, once again John Texeira seemed to score a try that would get Fort Worth back into the match. Houston fielded a kick and under pressure from Texeira passed into their own try zone. Texeira blazed in and took the ball from the Houston fullback and dotted it for a try, but unfortunately the referee again wasn`t in position to see it. With only minutes remaining in the match, Fort Worth`s flanker finally scored a try which was visible to all 31 participants on the pitch, leaving the score 7-17 in Houston`s favor.

Saturday 12/17 Fort Worth Green (D3) met HARC in a TRU division 3 cup match. Fort Worth escaped with a narrow victory a few weeks prior, but this match would not be a repeat. Fort Worth used their combination of youthful exuberance and aged discipline to overwhelm the inexperienced Houston side 56-0.


`The Rugby Guy` - Darrin Barner of Wayne State
Longtime Fort Worth club member, Darrin Barner, is in the national spotlight as the coach for Wayne State.

Author: David Halvorson, Jr. -
Date: December 12, 2011

`The Rugby Guy` - Darrin Barner of Wayne State
Rugby Coach Appreciation Week Spotlight

What rugby coach wouldn’t dream of a 25-acre rugby facility with five fields, a two-story clubhouse, a press box, and a radio tower that broadcasts all your home games live? It would be fair to say that not many coaches would turn that offer down. Now add one wrinkle to the equation. What if you were also the one who had to mow the fields four times a month (it takes ten hours every time), paint the lines for your home games, and organize a 90-team tournament in the spring, all as an unpaid volunteer coach on top of your day job? It is just what has to be done, according to the man who does it all at Wayne State College in Nebraska.

Darrin Barner
From mowing the fields to organizing a 90-team rugby tournament, Darrin Barner does it all and all in the name of rugby.

If you live in Wayne, Nebraska you probably know or have heard of “the rugby guy” otherwise known as Darrin Barner. Barner was born and raised in Wayne and is now the head coach of the Wayne State Rugby Club. He is a local boy who believes “the best thing you have is a job you enjoy,” and being a rugby coach is something he enjoys to the fullest.

Before you can comprehend where Wayne State Rugby stands after nine Great Plains Rugby Championships, you must first understand how rugby came to be in Barner`s life and in turn, into the lives of the Wayne community.

In the 1980’s Barner played cornerback with the DII football program at Wayne State. While playing football he was coached by two current NFL coaches who, as he put it, “tried to kill me,” and in the process made him a good football player and a serious competitor. “I wasn’t a good football player when I got there,” he said while reflecting on his playing days, “But they made me a good football player.”

Shortly after he finished at Wayne State Barner took on the Intramural Sports Director position at the school and through this position he saw first-hand the array of athletic talent at the school. To go with the talent is the fact that to many northeastern Nebraskans, Wayne is a “big” town compared to the surrounding communities with populations of 80, 90, and 400.

When these athletes finish high school they may want to play football but find themselves struggling to compete at the high level of play and commitment in NCAA DII football compared to six-man or eight-man football that is prominent in the small farming communities of the region. Thus in order to stay competitive, active, and in-shape these athletes need to find alternatives to football and to play at a higher competitive level they must find an alternative to intramurals. It was at this time in Barner’s life that the seed to begin a rugby club at Wayne State was planted.

After his stint as IM Director Barner moved to Texas and worked for Northwest Airlines in Dallas while playing for the Fort Worth Rugby Club. While with the club he competed in DII senior club rugby and won a national championship in 2000.

Barner`s position at Northwest Airlines gave him access to $10 flights and it was at this time that he felt it would be feasible to start a rugby club at his alma mater, and so it began. Barner would fly two days a week between Dallas and Wayne in order to get the club off its feet in the early days, a massive time commitment.

But, as he put it, “It gets crazier.”

Following the September 11 attacks in 2001 Northwest Airlines was forced to downsize, effectively laying-off Barner and leaving him without $10 tickets to Wayne and leaving the rugby club with little hope.

In order to keep the club afloat Barner had to drive eleven hours each way between Wayne and Dallas. “I would drive up to Wayne, stay for about ten days, then drive back to Dallas and stay for about five days before I started it all over again.”

Between 2003 and 2005, Barner continuously made the drive to keep his vision a reality and fortunately for the Wayne State community, his commitment did not go unnoticed.

When Barner permanently returned to the Wayne area in 2005 he was approached by then Nebraska Businessman of the Year, Rod Tompkins, who noticed Barner`s commitment. The Wayne State Rugby club was a highly competitive team for DII in that region and Tompkins wanted to help continue the growing tradition of winning.

Tompkins decided to help out in the biggest way possible, by giving Barner, the city of Wayne, and Wayne State College of Nebraska a rugby complex at the edge of town. Tompkins purchased a 25-acre cornfield and transformed it into a five-field rugby complex complete with a two-story clubhouse, press box, radio tower, and a place for supporters to sit.

Saturday is Rugby Day In Wayne, Nebraska
Saturday`s a rugby day in Wayne, Nebraska. The community comes out out support its team.

As Barner put it, “The field and club were molded from Adam and Eve. We have an unbelievable set up for small college rugby.” The amazing facilities bring in large crowds to all home matches, men and women. “We have the capacity to seat 700 people and when that gets full, they can sit on the grass of the bowl-shaped match pitch and enjoy the game.”

Rugby season in Wayne has brought about a new activity to the small, yet highly supportive community. Barner describes match day as a scene from an NFL or major college football game, “We have had Russian MIGs fly over, Blackhawk helicopters land on the field, and we have all our home games broadcast live over the radio.”

The Wayne State Rugby Club is a club that has the men and women sometimes practice together, go bowling together, and help out the community together. “I’ll have the players show up at 4:00 p.m. and at 4:01 I will say practice is cancelled because we are going to hang up Christmas lights at the retirement home.”

Barner does not stress winning as a coach, he feels that a constant focus on winning can take a team the other way, “Sometimes you have coaches who are only focused on winning and not focused on the love of the game and having fun. When that happens I think the focus on winning turns into a negative focus that can promote losing.”

The 70-person club is unique in that no one has to try-out to become a member; all they have to do is show up to practice and have a good attitude. It`s a positive environment and is lots of fun, as it should be.

“We have had five of our girls win homecoming queen...and we have had nine couples married as a result of meeting while playing rugby. In fact, one of the couples was married under the posts. They figured that they met on the pitch so why not get married on the pitch.”

Perhaps one of Barner’s proudest doings is his organization of the Battle on the Nebraska Prairie Rugby Tournament, or what he calls the “Meet in the Middle Tournament” each spring. It is a 90-team tournament with competitors from across the nation that meet in the middle of the country to prove themselves on the pitch.

With so many energetic college ruggers coming into town you may expect some mishaps that would lead to community backlash against the competition. This is not the case in Wayne and not the case for Barner.

“We have never had a tournament get out of hand. Ever,” said Barner who credits this area of success to his captains meeting and the culmination of the tournament at the local Wayne dance hall.

“I give the toughest captains meeting you’ve ever heard. After the meeting everyone knows that while you`re playing your matches and interacting with the community it’s `yes ma’am` and `thank you ma’am.` All horseplay is saved for the live music and legendary times within the dance hall.”

As the club grows so do Barner’s responsibilities. “The head coaching position requires many different hats due to the large amount of responsibilities, so each season it is becoming less of a part-time job and more of a full-time job.”

To balance a work life and coaching position can be time consuming and stressful but it is something he loves to do.

Barner’s commitment to the Wayne State Rugby Club and the community alike are highly admirable and show the strong values he has, as well as total dedication to rugby and his hometown.

He is truly a great personality in the ever-evolving story of American rugby and warmly welcomes all into the game he has grown to love. If you are ever in Wayne, Nebraska, drive through the small 12-block town and you will likely find Barner at the rugby pitch working hard like he always does. Stop by. Have a chat. It will be one you likely won`t forget.

By: David Halvorson Jr. - From the USA Rugby Web Site


Rugby Training for the 2011-2012 Season has Begun!

Rugby 15`s Training - Tuesday and Thursday at Gateway Park from 7:00pm-8:30pm.
This season, Fort Worth is competing in Men`s Club Division 1 and Men`s Club Division 3. Both rugby sides train together at Gateway Park at 7:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These dynamic training sessions are a great format for new players interested in finding out about Fort Worth Rugby. .

NOW RECRUITING/NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: Fort Worth is actively recruiting for the 2011-2012 rugby season for our Men`s Club sides. Fort Worth Gold competes in USA Division 1 (our "A" side) and Fort Worth Green in USA Division 3 (our "B" side). In 2011, our Gold side was the Texas Rugby Union Division 2 Champion and advanced to the USA Rugby National Quarterfinals. Our D3 side finished with a 8-3 season record and qualified for the Texas playoffs, finally succumbing to the eventual D3 champions.

Interested? To find out more, simply show up and introduce yourself at the next rugby training session. Also, please send us information about yourself, and you will receive a free DVD at your first training session.


Joe Wayne Ripper, R.I.P.

Joe Wayne Ripper passed away on Sunday. Here is the Star-Telegram obituary from Jan. 25.

Memorial Service at 1:00 pm this Friday, Jan.27 at Poag Mahone`s.

Joe could usually be seen leaning on his ever-present walking cane, in the crowd at many of our club`s home matches and every Cowtown in recent memory.

Joe served as President of the club in those unstable and uncertain early years, and the club members, past, present, and future, owe him a debt of gratitude for his service.

The members of the Fort Worth Rugby Club would like to express their condolences to Joe`s family.


Saturday, November 12: Fort Worth Club XV competes in the Lone Survivor Tournament in Houston

Saturday 11/12, All Day, HASP - Houston: Fort Worth Club XV @ Lone Survivor Tournament - info.

Fort Worth Club XV travels to Houston to compete in Bay Area RFC`s Lone Survivor Tournament for the first time.

Update: Fort Worth played strong all weekend, winning their pool matches by big margins, and defeating Austin in the championship final 8-0.


2011 Cowtown Rugby Tournament Photos are now available! - by Gene Trussell

Cowtown Photos by Gene Trussell are available here!


25th Annual Cowtown Tournament - October 8-9 - Fort Worth, Texas

2011 Cowtown Rugby Tournament Page, including Hotel Information

2011 marks the Silver Anniversary of the Fort Worth Rugby Club`s Cowtown tournament. The 25th Cowtown event will be held on October 8 and 9 at Fort Worth`s premier athletic facility, Gateway Park.

Update: Congratulations to the Dallas Harlequins (Premier) and the Propolympians (Social), the 2011 Cowtown Tournament Champions. The Fort Worth Rugby Club would like to thank the City of Fort Worth Parks and Recreation department, the Texas referees, and all the participants for a great Cowtown. Thanks!


May 21-22: Fort Worth traveled to Chula Vista, CA for the USA Rugby Football Union National Quarterfinals

With a 2nd place finish in the Western RFU Championship, Fort Worth Gold earned a spot in the USA Rugby Union National Championships, held in Chula Vista, California on May 21-22.

On Saturday, Fort Worth let a close match get away from them late, falling to Santa Rosa 24-5. In the consolation match on Sunday, Fort Worth played Pasadena to 20-20 tie at full time, but eventually fell to the local club in overtime, 25-20.

Congratulations to all the players, coaches, and staff of Fort Worth Gold for a hard fought season.

Update: Check back on this page in the next few days for an update on Fort Worth`s Elite 7`s team, as well as Social club 7`s touch rugby - Summer 2011.


This Week: Fort Worth prepares for the Western Rugby Football Union Championships on April 30 and May 1

Tuesday/Thursday, 7:00pm - Club practice at Gateway Park. Fort Worth Gold has earned a spot in the Western Rugby Union Division 2 Championships, to be held in Austin on April 30 and May 1.

On Saturday, April 9, the players on Fort Worth Gold defeated the Dallas Harlequins-2, earning their second consecutive Texas Rugby Union Division 2 championship. These Division 2 championships in 2011 and 2010 followed two consecutive Division 3 championships in 2008 and 2009. Congratulations to the numerous the club members that were a part of these four recent championships.

On Saturday, April 9, the players on Fort Worth Green traveled to play the Austin Blacks-2 in the Texas Rugby Union Division 3 quarterfinals. The Blacks scored tries just before and after halftime to break open an evenly played match, and then played solid defense (and very opportunistic offense) as Fort Worth repeatedly threatened to score in the second half. The final left the boys from Cowtown on the wrong side of 17-34 score. Congratulations to the many club members that made the season for Green a success.

Texas Rugby Union Championships won by the Fort Worth Rugby Club:

20112, 20102, 20093, 20083, 20001,2, 19982, 19972, 19962
1 - USA Rugby National Champions
2 - Division Two
3 - Division Three

Fort Worth Rugby Club Photo Gallery
Flanker Dan Morgan kicks a HUGE Garryowen late in the second half.
Fort Worth Green vs. Austin Blacks - April 9, 2011
Texas Rugby Union Division Three Quarterfinal

More Photos: Photos from Austin match...

Photography by Gene Trussell.
Flanker Demario Davis is driven over the try line by center Josh Jones late in the second half.
Fort Worth Green vs. Frisco Griffins - March 26, 2011

More Photos: Photos from Griffins match...

Photography by Gene Trussell.
Wing Blake Barrow cuts inside two defenders to score a late try against Midland.
Fort Worth Gold vs. Bay Area - March 12, 2011
Fort Worth Green vs. Midland - March 12, 2011

More Photos: Photos from Bay Area and Midland matches...

Photography by Gene Trussell.
Stephen Rios breaks through for a hard gain against the Islanders.
Fort Worth Green vs. Texas Islanders - November 6, 2010
Fort Worth White vs. Alliance - November 6, 2010

More Photos: Photos from Islanders and Alliance matches...

Photography by Gene Trussell.


Rugby Practice - Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00pm Sharp- Gateway Park Rugby Pitch

Rugby 15`s Training: official practice schedule.
New players are welcome (and encouraged) to participate in our training sessions!

NOW RECRUITING/NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: Fort Worth is now actively training for the 2010-2011 rugby season for our Men`s Club sides.

Fort Worth Gold competes in the USA Rugby Division 2. In the Spring of 2010, Fort Worth Gold was the Texas Rugby Union Division 2 Champion and advanced all the way to the USA Rugby National Quarterfinals. Fort Worth has been very successful at this level, highlighted by winning the 2000 USA Rugby National Championship.

Fort Worth Green competes in USA Rugby Division 3. In 2010, Fort Worth Green finished with an 8-2 record in Texas, but narrowly missed the Division 3 playoffs. At this level, Fort Worth won the Texas Championship in 2008 and 2009 and advanced to the USA Rugby National Quarterfinals in those years.

Fort Worth White is our Social 3rd side that plays friendly matches during the season. This side has an unparalleled record record of success in bar games, including skittles, darts, and the occasional boat race. On the pitch, they specialize in their signature "toxic maul" that mowes down their opponents with equal measures of the breath of alchoholic chain-smokers and the flatulence of old ruggers.

To join the club, simply show up and introduce yourself at the next rugby practice. Also, please send us information about yourself, and you will receive a free DVD at your first practice. These early practices are an excellent time to learn about the sport and the Fort Worth Rugby Club, as well as to learn the fundamentals of the game.

Update: See our official match schedule for the details on upcoming matches for all our sides.


This Week: Fort Worth Green travels to Frisco to play the Griffins in Pizza Hut Park / Fort Worth Gold travels to San Antonio

Saturday 3/26, 2:00 pm, Olmos Park - San Antonio: Fort Worth Gold at San Antonio Rugby Football Club
The Gold squad continues their quest to win the Texas Championship and earn the single TRU seed in the Western RFU playoffs.

Saturday 3/26, 6:00 pm, Pizza Hut Park - Frisco, TX: Fort Worth Green at North Texas Griffins
Fort Worth vs. The Griffins will be the curtain-raiser match before FC Dallas takes on the San Jose Earthquakes at 8:00pm. The Green squad needs a victory against a resurgent Griffins club to keep their playoff hopes alive. The green squad is to report to the pitch at 4:30pm.


This Week: Fort Worth hosts Bay Area and Midland in Two Critical Matches with Playoff Implications

Saturday 3/12, 2:00 pm, Gateway Park: Fort Worth Gold vs. Bay Area Rugby Club - Bay Area defeated Fort Worth Gold soundly at their pitch in January, and the Gold side looks to reverse that result in Fort Worth. The winner of this rematch will be well positioned to take the only Texas seed in the Western Championships.

Saturday 3/12, 3:30 pm, Gateway Park: Fort Worth Green vs. The Midland MadDogs Rugby Club - Another pivotal match for the Fort Worth D3 side. Fort Worth Green is still in the playoff hunt, but only with wins in this match and the remaining matches can the side earn a berth in Texas Championship.

Update: Fort Worth earned important victories over both Bay Area and Midland. Pictures of the matches are available here:


March 5: Fort Worth Gold travels to The Woodlands for a Top-of-Table clash

Saturday, 3:00 pm: Fort Worth Gold at The Woodlands - Woodlands currently sits atop the Texas Division 2 table with 14 points, while Fort Worth is tied for 2nd with 10.

Update: Fort Worth earned a solid 32-10 bonus-point victory over the Woodlands, taking both matches in the season series.


Saturday, December 11: Fort Worth Green vs. Dallas Athletic - Dallas Lake Highlands Park - 2:00pm

Fort Worth Green travels to Dallas Lake Highlands to face Dallas Athletic (DARC) in a Texas Rugby Union Division 3 cup match.

DARC picked up where they left off in the Spring (USA Quarterfinalists), and are currently sitting in first place in the TRU standings.

Update: DARC proved they belong at the top of the D3 table, starting strong to take a 3-try lead in the first 20 minutes. Fort Worth responded with 2 tries to cut the lead to 19-10 at the half, and kept up the pressure well into the second frame. At 60 minutes the match turned against Fort Worth as a 5-meter scrum was mis-handled and eventually resulted in a 95 meter reversal try to DARC. This demoralizing turn of play opened the metaphorical floodgates as DARC proceeded to turn every Fort Worth mistake into points as they coasted to a 41-10 win.


Saturday, December 4: Fort Worth Green hosts Dallas II at Gateway Park at 2:00pm

Fort Worth Green hosts Dallas RFC - II in a Texas Rugby Union Division 3 cup match.
Kickoff: 2:00 pm

Fort Worth White (FWRC`s Social side) hosts TCU in a friendly in the second match.
Kickoff: 3:30 pm


Saturday, November 6: Fort Worth hosts the Texas Islanders for a Texas Cup Match

Fort Worth Green (FWRC`s Division 3 Men`s side) hosts the Texas Islanders of HEB in a Texas Rugby Union cup match this Saturday. The match starts at 2:00 pm at Gateway Park in Fort Worth.

Following the cup match Fort Worth White, FWRC`s Social side, will play Alliance in a friendly match. Match kickoff is scheduled for 3:30 pm.

Photos by Gene Trussell of the Nov. 6 match - Fort Worth Green (24) vs. Texas Islanders (5):
Use of photos is free with published acknowledgement of Gene Trussell.

Update: The Islanders scored a long, running try in the first few minutes, but Fort Worth Green responded by settling down and playing fundamental rugby. Over the next 75 minutes Fort Worth steadily controlled the tempo of the game, collecting 24 points while doing it.


24th Annual Cowtown Rugby Tournament - October 2-3, 2010 - Gateway Park

The 24th Annual Cowtown Rugby Tournament will be held on October 2-3 at Gateway Park.

The Cowtown will feature 3 divisions of competition (including the Men`s Open Division with thousands of dollars in prize money available), our unparalleled state-of-the-art facilities that include 3 outstanding artificial-turf pitches, medical and trainer staff on-site that is free to all participants, and the renowned Saturday night party featuring Poag Mahone`s Irish Pub.

Update: More information.

Fort Worth Rugby Club advances to the 2010 USA Rugby National Championship Quarterfinals

In the Western Rugby Union Championship on May 1-2, Fort Worth placed 3rd to earn a spot in the USA Rugby National Championship tournament. After losing to the GOATS from Omaha, Nebraska in the semi-final, Fort Worth defeated the Albuquerque Aardvarks in the consolation match.

With this finish, Fort Worth enters the USA Rugby Division II National Quarterfinals as the #16 seed, and will face the #1 seed, Snake River Rugby Club, in Austin, Texas on May 22. Snake River has an impressive history, highlighted by numerous appearances in the USA Rugby National Championship tournament. This match will feature 2 former Division II National Championship clubs, as Snake River won in 1996 and Fort Worth won in 2000.

Update: Fort Worth lost to Snake River on Saturday, but finished the weekend with a victory in the pool consolation match over the Azecs of Southern California.


Thanks to Everyone Involved With the 2010 Western Rugby Football Union Championship

The Western RFU Championship for Men`s Club Division 2, Men`s Club Division 3, Boys High School, and Boys U-19 was held in Fort Worth`s Gateway Park on May 1-2. Complete results are available on the Western RFU web site.

The Fort Worth Rugby Club would like to thank all the FWRC club members, the FWRC Trailbosses, the Employees of the Fort Worth Parks and Community Services Department, and all the tournament participants and fans for an excellent weekend of rugby. Any comments, suggestions, or complaints are welcome and will be reviewed by the Tournament committee and the FWRC executive board. Please direct these to our Club President, Ron Watson, at, or to one of the official contacts for our club.

Once again, "Thanks!" for a great event.

Fort Worth Rugby Club Advances to USA Rugby National Sweet Sixteen with 3rd Place Finish:

Fort Worth played the GOATS from Omaha on Saturday, May 1 in the Semifinal of the Western RFU Division II Championship. After a slow start that left Fort Worth down 21-10 at halftime, Fort Worth rallied to get within 7 points at 70 minutes, but the GOATS finished with a flurry of excellent rugby to score 2 converted tries and take the victory 45-24.

On Sunday, Fort Worth met the Albuquerque Aardvarks for the 3rd place match and a place in the USA Rugby Sweet 16. The Aardvarks won the Division II Western Championship in 2009, and then went on to place 2nd in the USA. The Aardvarks controlled the first half with a demonstration of running rugby that could strike from anywhere on the pitch. Fort Worth managed a penalty kick from Captain Magee Payne, leaving the halftime score 14-3 in the Aardvarks favor.

In the second half, Fort Worth took advantage of the wind at their backs, the climbing temperature, and their deep bench to score 17 unanswered points and take a 20-14 lead. The sides traded tries the rest of the way, but the Aardvarks were never able to take the lead again. The final whistle yielded a 27-24 victory for the boys from Cowtown, and for the first time since 2001 Fort Worth will play in the Division 2 National Tournament.


Fort Worth versus Dallas Our Gang - circa 1975

From Fort Worth Legend, Mike T.:
"I remember this game - Ft. Worth vs Dallas Our Gang (now DARC) at Forest Park pitch by the Fort Worth Zoo.
Line out, David Granell prop, Andy Guyne lock, 4th person, Tim Manley flanker, Ed Farmer scrum 1/2, Steve Utter in the back line with his hands on his hips.

Before the match, both teams ran around the pitch forming the touch line and goal line. During the game a prop from Our Gang got hurt which delayed the game for 30 min. while we waited for an ambulance. Play resumed and Fort Worth was victorious. We celebrated with schnapps and TCU coeds to warm up after the game at "The Stables" (across from Bennet`s bar). A good time was had by all!!!

Side note: the prop that got hurt was wanted by the FBI for money laundering and the second row behind him was a field agent for the FBI."


Fort Worth advances to the USA National Championship Round of 16 with a 3rd place finish in the Western Championship

The Fort Worth Rugby Club traveled to Tulsa for the 2009 Western Rugby Union Division III Men`s Club Championship on May 2-3.

The muddy conditions on the weekend were not kind to Fort Worth, resulting in the club conceding its first loss of the year to an energetic Wichita team. Sunday was more favorable (although the conditions were not) and the men from Cowtown adjusted their game and cruised to a solid 29-5 victory over the Scott Air Force Base Rowdies.

Frank Hill and Dan Morgan at the Western Championship in Tulsa

Update: Fort Worth travels to Austin on May 16-17 for the first round of the USA National Championship. Fort Worth enters as the 16th seed, and will face perennial powerhouse Mission, California in the first match.


Fort Worth wins 2nd Straight Texas Rugby Union Men`s Club Division III Championship

The Fort Worth Rugby Club traveled to Austin for the 2009 Texas Rugby Union Division III Men`s Club Championship on April 4-5. It was a replay of the 2008 championship with the same qualifiers - Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, McAllen, and Alamo City, and the same end result - with Fort Worth defeating McAllen in the championship.

In the Semifinal on Saturday, Fort Worth jumped all over Alamo City with a 30-0 halftime lead, and then held on for the remaining minutes to win 35-22.

In the Championship Final, Fort Worth played the first half with a difficult wind disadvantage but still lead McAllen 14-7 at the break. The turnaround yielded 2 more tries and a final 26-7 victory.

Fort Worth fullback Jacobi Cary earned MVP honors with his solid and steady defense and 4 try haul, which included a solo 80 meter counter-attack try that was the highlight of the weekend.

Update: Congratulations to the Fort Worth players of 2008-2009!


Fort Worth finishes 2008 with a loss in the USA Rugby National Quarterfinals

On May 17, Fort Worth`s 2008 championship run ended with a loss to Middlesex, New Hampshire in the USA Rugby Division III National Championship Quarterfinals.

Fort Worth scored late to tie the match, but a final surge by Middlesex yielded a try and victory at full time.

Update: 61 pictures from the National Quarterfinals are available here.


27th Annual Cowtown Tournament - October 5, 2013 - Fort Worth, Texas - Details


Complete Details - updated 9/1/2013

Men`s 15`s Divisions - Premier and Social - $300
(before 9/15)
Collegiate Men`s 7`s - $275 (before 9/15)
Women`s 7`s - $275 (before 9/15)

Click here for the complete details: 2013 Cowtown Tournament Flyer

A note from 2013 tournament director, Alex McCulloch (

A portion of the profits from this year’s Cowtown Rugby Tournament will go directly towards expanding youth rugby in our community. Please consider having you club participate in this year’s Tournament.

Starting this fall, Panther City Rugby and TCU Rugby will expand on its summer offering to provide rugby clinics and flag rugby for area Boys & Girls Clubs, youth community centers, and elementary schools. In the spring, both clubs will provide its 3rd “Scholastic 7s Conference” to introduce and develop rugby in area middle and high schools. Last year we served 6 schools. This year we project participation from 12 to 14 schools.

Working together clubs around Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas have developed the TXO7s Rugby Series. Tournaments are held in the fall and in the summer. This has evolved from a handful of u19 boys teams to a competitive tournament series of choice for many clubs and now includes u15 Boys and u19 Girls Divisions. Proceeds from the Cowtown Tournament will help keep fees affordable for these clubs.

Your club’s participation in this year’s Cowtown Tournament will help us support the future of the sport.

Alex McCulloch, Panther City Rugby
A non-profit organization dedicated to the development of competitive rugby for males & females of all ages while improving our communities through mentorship and service.

Update: REGISTER ONLINE on the Panther City Web Site!


YOU Can Play Rugby with Fort Worth!

All players are welcome to join the club and play rugby for Fort Worth, regardless of experience! Whether you`re new to the game, retired from it, or a capped Eagle, you`re invited to play rugby with Fort Worth this season.

Fort Worth is actively seeking players for the Texas Premier Rugby 2006 season. For information on playing for Fort Worth, visit our recruiting page.

For more information on playing rugby for Fort Worth, visit our recruiting page. For a map and directions to practice, visits our maps page.


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