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Match Results

1998-1999 Match Results


1999 Galveston Mardi Gras - 2/6/1999
Consolation Champs
2 wins, 1 loss

1999 Galveston Mardi Gras
Galveston Island
Feb 6-7, 1999
Fort Worth RFC takes the Consolation Match at Galveston Mardi Gras
Match 1: Fort Worth A - 50 Galveston RFC - 3
Galveston moved up to the tournament`s top division to make it an even six teams. Obviously overmatched, they refused to make it easy for Fort Worth and tackled and rucked solidly for the full 50 minutes.

Match 2: Fort Worth A - 3 Metro Barbarians - 13
Fort Worth met a solid, invitational side that had experienced and skilled players in all positions. Metro began by pushing Fort Worth around in the scrums, and disallowing consistent possession from them. At the break, Metro led 8-3, and Fort Worth gained the slope and wind advantages, but was unable to turn them into points. A missed tackle near full time gave Metro their final 13 points. Metro went on to defeat Houston Athletic soundly 34-14, to take the tournament.

Match 3: Consolation Final: Fort Worth A - 8 Woodlands RFC - 7
This match was a rematch of the Cowtown consolation in the Fall, and once again Fort Worth was able to sneak away with a 1 point victory. Woodlands played a solid game and had many opportunities to take the match, but minor knock-ons and miscues kept them from leaving with the victory.


1998 Heart of America - 9/4/1998
Fort Worth Wins 1998 HoA Tournament
3 wins, 1 draw

Keith Dalton
James McSwain
Skip Miles
Bots Hulen
Mike Hendon
Buddy Taylor
Simon Thompson
Theo Van Wyk
Mike Szymanski
Dan Morgan
Mike Rooney
James Walters
Nick Betts
Dan Rosen
Trey Buck
Ben Ferreira
Trey Harlin
Chris Karstens
Kevin Pierce
Fort Worth - 0 vs. Mother Nature - 1
Fort Worth RFC traveled to compete in the 31st Annual Heart of America Tournament. Once finished, the players would be exhausted and worn out, not by the rugby as much as by the weather and Vanguard Airlines.

Friday travel from DFW airport was a cluster, to say the least. Tornado warnings, thunderstorms, and high winds had the airport shut down for hours. Fort Worth`s 7:30 flight was delayed, and seemed certain to be cancelled. As any worthy rugby club would do, Fort Worth decided to travel to the local Gentleman`s establishment, and each person proceeded to drop somewhere between 70% and 90% of their money for the weekend.

At 12:30 AM, Vanguard paged the team, who had to pack 19 people into a Suburban and a Volkswagen Bug to return to the airport. At 1:30 AM they were off, arriving in Kansas City at 3:00 AM. After a two hour nap in the terminal, they were off to the tournament.

Fort Worth - 22 vs. Saint Louis Ramblers - 19
At 8:00 AM, Fort Worth kicked off against the Saint Louis Ramblers. After a night of virtually no sleep, booze, cigars, Taco Bell, and hot wings, the players were drinking Maalox at each stoppage like it was water. As could be expected, the Fort Worth performance was probably the worst of the decade, but they managed to squeak out a 22-19 victory against a team that had lost 101-0 to the Saint Louis Bombers the previous weekend.

Patsy Kline is credited with the first two tries, as Fort Worth walked two 5 meters scrums in for tries. Dan Morgan at Number 8 touched each down, as the scrum sang "And we go walking, after midnight..." The third try came from Dan Rosen, who centered his try (converted by Ben Ferreira), for a 19-0 lead at the half.

In the second half, Fort Worth lost the wind, and the Ramblers began to take advantage of the contact-shy defense. The Ramblers got on the board with a nice individual effort by their Number 8, who ran through more arm tackles than Vishnu could provide, to cut the lead to 17-7.

The score woke Fort Worth up, if only for 51.3 seconds, as Patsy Kline struck again to give Fort Worth a 22-7 advantage. The Ramblers came back to score two more tries and make it a game at 22-19, when the whistle was mercifully blown to end the ugly display.

Fort Worth - 32 vs. Iowa Falls - 5
The next match, being scheduled for 12:15, made it impossible for Fort Worth to check in to the hotel. As a result, the second match would be played without the benefit of sleep, as well. The combination of a better pitch, a more awake team, and a superb referee made this the best performance of the weekend for Fort Worth. The backs and forwards worked together for virtually every score, and Fort Worth claimed the 32-5 victory. Iowa Falls finished each half strong, and were able to score the final try of the match.

Fort Worth - 12 vs. Kansas City Blues - 5
The semifinal matchup pitted a combination of the Harp Super League KC Blues A and B sides against Fort Worth. All the Sunday matches would feature a huge wind advantage in one half, as 35 MPH gusts and a sustained rain would turn the tournament into a muddy mess.

Fort Worth began the semifinal with the wind in their favor, but were unable to take advantage. The half was a 0-0 draw, and the Blues gained the wind in the second half. Within 5 minutes they had taken advantage, touching down in the corner for a 5-0 lead.

The next 10 minutes would be a draw, as well, as both teams played solid defense. The final ten minutes would make the difference as Fort Worth would punch in two tries to take the match 12-5. The first began with a set of rucks and hard bangers by the forwards. Once the overload was established, the ball was spun to Walters, Betts, and finally Rosen, who bursted into the try zone untouched and centered the ball. The conversion by Dalton made the score 7-5 in Fort Worth`s favor.

The final score came in similar fashion, as the forwards set up an overlap, and the backs took advantage as James Walters crashed over for the score to seal the 12-5 victory.

Fort Worth - 0 vs. Kansas City RFC - 0 cancelled due to inclement weather.
Fort Worth and Kansas City were 20 minutes into this game when it was called due to the 35 MPH winds, driving rain, and lightning. Kansas City began the game with the wind, and took advantage with two unconverted tries. As the match wore on, Fort Worth found an answer and missed a few solid scoring threats with knock-ons and inadvertant penalties.

The weather and the lightning progressively worsened, and the game was suspended at 20 minutes. Finally, all the matches were cancelled, and the match was declared a draw.



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