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Match Results

2007-2008 Match Results


Fort Worth defeats Fort Sill in the First Cup Match of the 2007-2008 Season - 10/13/2007

Gateway Park, Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth - 61 vs. Fort Sill - 7

Re-printed without permission from the Society of Texas Rugby Referees web site
by Mark Woods, STRR Referee

What`s to say the score doesn`t? Sill played gamely but were simply out-played by an opponent more accustomed to playing at a higher level. And tempo. The game was 27-0 at half-time but in the second half Sill`s big, and surprisingly fast, thighthead broke through to score from 50m. A good consolation for the visitors. Normal service was resumed as Worth dominated the final exchanges to post a solid win, 61-7 final.

Fort Worth - 10 tries, 4 conversions, 1 penalty
Fort Sill - 1 try, 1 conversion



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