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2010 Western Rugby Football Union Championship

Hosted by the Fort Worth Rugby Club
May 1-2, 2010
Gateway Park, Fort Worth, Texas

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The 2010 Western Rugby Football Union Championship Weekend will be held on May 1-2, 2010, at Gateway Park in Fort Worth. Details about Fort Worth and the Gateway Park venue are available here. The WRFU web site contains all official competition information.


Latest Championship Details

Latest Championship Details

Contact Information

Official Tournament Contacts - Western RFU Venue Contacts - Fort Worth Rugby Club

About Gateway Park

About Gateway Park
Gateway Park is The City of Fort Worth’s new state-of-the-art athletic facility. It features three flood-lit, RealGrassTM synthetic pitches, wireless electronic scoreboards, covered bleachers and other amenities. The City’s guidelines for use of this multi-million dollar facility are very stringent.

The Western RFU and Fort Worth Rugby Club appreciate your respecting the following rules and guidelines:

  • No food or beverages (other than water) are allowed inside the playing enclosures. There is a large concourse area between the pitches that is the designated food and beverage pavilion (see map below). Please inform all players and supporters about these restrictions and don’t abuse the City’s field monitors for politely telling you to throw away your food and beverage as you near the fields – they are only doing their jobs.
  • No aluminum studs are allowed on the fields. Molded cleats are preferred but rubber screw-in cleats are acceptable. Any type of standard, cleated athletic shoes are safe for play in all weather.
  • Team warm-ups will require some planning. While not maintained competition-level fields, there is plenty of usable warm-up space to accommodate all teams. As the tournament matches are on a very tight schedule, each team needs to plan on arriving well-before start times to find parking, check-in, complete a full warm-up and make the short walk to the pitches to begin their matches on time. Please refer to the below map of the facility to familiarize yourself with the lay-out of the facility.

Other important information about Gateway Park:

  • Bleacher seating is limited for fans and the entire park is completely paved. Spectators will be given seating preference for the bleachers and will be asked to watch matches from the near sides of the field. Player benches will be set-up along the far sidelines for use by teams during matches.
  • The surface temperature of the fields may get quite warm. Expect the bottoms of a ruck to be 10°-20° hotter than the air temperature, and be sure to have lots of water on the sidelines.
  • No tents will be allowed to be set-up inside the park perimeter. If your team plans on bringing one, it will have to be set-up in the wooded areas to the east of the fields and the main parking lot.

Diagram of the Gateway Facilities - printer-friendly version


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Western Rugby Football Union Championships

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